​The way the leader of the Romania's Social Democratic Party (PSD) and 2009 presidential candidate Mircea Geoana relates to Russia was seen as a mystery, according to a Romanian-language report of a US Embassy cable from 2009 published by HotNews.ro. It points out that Geoana publicly criticized Basescu for a too tough position on Moscow with the argument that Romania's government should not allow foreign affairs disputes on certain subjects to counter a dialogue on other matters. Even though Geoana faced criticism after it was revealed he conducted two secret visits to Moscow in 2009, his campaign was not affected by the situation, according to the cable, which notes that Geoana's most recent visit to Moscow was aboard the plane of oligarch Sorin Ovidiu Vantu.

The cable, as reported by HotNews.ro, reads that as a former Foreign minister Geoana constantly wanted a dialogue with Russia but also played a significant role in a series of US initiatives within NATO which upset Russia.

In another 2009 cable, American officials describe the profile of the PSD candidate. The cable resumes Geoana's trajectory from diplomacy to politics and establishes when Geoana the politician was born: when ex-president Iliescu was defeated by Emil Constantinescu (in the nineties) Geoana sent a fax to Constantinescu, which was never made public, congratulating the newly elected president and expressing his joy that Iliescu, the "cancer of Romanian democracy" was gone forever.

In a 2008 cable, American officials quote a one-word characterization of Geoana made British colleagues: wobbly. The context is an analysis of the judicial system in Romania.

Read the info of the cable on the Romanian version of HotNews.rohere.