President Basescu informed the Parliament, in two official letters, regarding Romania’s participation in Libya and in NATO’s mission to train Afghan police forces, letters that will be read in front of the Parliament, Romanian news agency Mediafax reports.

Chamber of Deputies secretary Dumitru Pardau said on Wednesday that the letters will be read in the Parliament, to inform all members. In the first letter, the President wrote that NATO requested Romania to analyze the possibility of participating with forces in NATO’s mission to train Afghan police forces.

Romania’s National Defense Council approved Romania’s participation with 66 constables. The letter mentions that Romania’s participation in the mission will improve the state’s position in NATO and necessary funds are insured by the US. The Romanian state will be responsible with the payment of country salaries and life insurances.

In the second letter, Basescu wrote that following UN Security Council’s resolutions on Libya, Romania will attend a mission aimed at imposing an embargo over arms against Libya.