Romania’s Higher Court of Justice decided on Thursday to temporary arrest Marius Petcu, accused of bribe taking therefore approving the recourse of anti-graft prosecutors against the decision of a lower court to release Petcu, Romania news agency Mediafax reports. Judges issued a temporary arrest warrant for 29 days for Petcu.

The decision will be communicated to the Bucharest Appellate Court that will implement the warrant. CNSLR Fratia union leader Marius Petcu declared after the decision of the court that after 21 years in which he defended the rights of union members it does not seem fair to be isolated from the society that he represented. He said he is an integer man who knows very well his rights and obligations, Romanian news agency Agerpres reads.

Petcu said he is disappointed of the court’s decision and said that the Bucharest Appellate Court’s decision should have been convincing enough. He said his lawyers will do whatever they can to release him.