Members of Asesoft board, that took over the management of TV channel Realitatea TV announced on Sunday in a press release that they will submit a penal complaint against media mogul and owner of Realitatea trust from whom they received threats. Asesoft board members write, in the press release that as the board overruled an additional act to the management contract, Sorin Ovidiu Vantu and his associates decided to use immoral and illegal actions like threats and blackmails to have their way.

Asked by if he personally received threats, Sebastian Ghita said he did during some talks on Saturday. He said, for that he received a death threat from Vantu. Ghita said that talks at the level of Realitatea Media on the management contract did not end for now.

He said that this is in no way a method to deal with it. According to Ghita, a contract, once signed does not take into account the desires of one or the other. Reporter Virtual wrote on Sunday night that according to the official complaint, Vantu threatened Ghita that he will gas him, he will kill his family and bury him in Moldova. Ghita confirmed the information.

Sorin Ovidiu Vantu declared for Pagina de media that Ghita is no longer manager at Realitatea TV, that he decided to end the management contract with him and that he will make it official.