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Romania’s Central Bank Governor: higher living standards this year will be felt in production and export industries only, but it will delay in the budgetary area 

de A.C.
Joi, 7 aprilie 2011, 17:21 English | Top News

Living standards will increase differently and the advance will be noticed as early as this year in the production and export sectors but it will be felt with delay in the budgetary area, Romania’s National Central Bank governor Mugur Isarescu declared in an interview for Romanian news agency Mediafax. He showed that social assistance beneficiaries will reach their living standards they enjoyed in 2008 in 2015.  

My opinion is that, considering the way Romania’s economy will grow, the recovery will be based on production and exports and less on consumption which will also dictate the way living standards will improve and the perception of the population, Isarescu sai. Isarescu said that Romania’s biggest problem is the imbalance between the number of those contributing to the economy and pensioners and those who benefit from social assistance. 

He said that this imbalance can be corrected in several years and that Romania needs to learn to get used to it. The other biggest problem, for Isarescu, is the inefficiency of public transportation infrastructure, the inefficiency of health, energy and education infrastructure. Romania’s economic infrastructure is damaged. Romania’s economy increased by 7.3% in 2008 while in 2009 registered a contraction by 7.1% and in 2010 GDP dropped by 1.3%.

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