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A Romanian, private person, bought all documets pertaining to Romanian writer Cioran at the Paris auction with 405,000 euro

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Joi, 7 aprilie 2011, 22:30 English | Top News

Central University Library general director Mireille Radoi declared for that a Romania, a private individual, bought all the documents pertaining to Romanian Emil Cioran at the auction organized today in Paris. We lost everything, the individual bought everything with 405,000 euro, Radoi said. According to her, the identity of the Romanian is unknown for the time being. Before the auction started, Radoi said that there are rumours about an American citizen who wishes to purchase all documents.  

Radoi said that she auctioned for five hours for each document and the Romanian came and bought the whole lot. According to Romania’s National Public Television the person is a Romanian who lives in the US. Romania’s Public Television decided to attend the auction organized on Thursday, April 07, 2011 to purchase some documents written by Emil Cioran, that are part of the national patrimony. 

Bucharest Central University Library also decided to attend the auction and its director said that it will attempt to buy 5 to 10 documents, maximum due to budget restraints. Romania’s Culture ministry would have wanted the possibility to attend the auction but it did not have the necessary funds, Culture minister’s press counselor Debreczeni Hajnalka declared for Among personal objects pertaining to Romanian Emil Cioran were letters, manuscripts, diplomas, photos owned by a family of a former friend of Cioran’s.

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