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Traces of radioactive iodine in rain water and sheep milk in Romania / Nuclear Physics Institute: extremely low values, with no impact on the population or the environment 

de A.C.
Marţi, 12 aprilie 2011, 14:17 English | Top News

A team of Romanian researchers detected in Slanic Prahova traces of radioactive iodine in the rain water and sheep milk from the area. Romania’s Nuclear Physics Institute director Horia Hulubei declared for that the values are so small that they have no impact on the population or the environment.  

According to the study, the measurements revealed a concentration of 0.15 – 0.75 Bq/dm cube (Becquerel/liter) in the rain water and a concentration of 5.2 Bq/dm cube for milk. The four researchers, Romul Margineanu, Bogdan Mitrica, Ana Apostolu and Claudia Gomoiu showed that according to Japanese standards, the maximum allowed limit of concentration is 300 bq/dm cube for adults and children and 100 bq/dm cube for toddlers.



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