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UPDATE PDL leaders demand PM Boc a minister from the party / See the names in the cards for the Labour ministry 

de A.C.
Miercuri, 20 aprilie 2011, 14:32 English | Top News

The nomination of a new Labour minister unrests PM Boc. According to sources, Democratic Liberals want the Prime Minister to name a political minister, from the party and not a technocratic or a coalition one. In full internal campaign for another mandate as President of the party, PM Boc risks losing the support of some of his party colleagues if it does not give in to their wishes, quoted sources said. 

Vasile Blaga, Boc’s main countercandidate for the highest position in the party said that the Labour ministry is in the portfolio of the Democratic Liberals and therefore the new minister will be from the party. The media rumored the name of Marian Sarbu, member of UNPR independents but PDL sources claim that he has slim chances. 

Among other possible persons are PDL Vice Deputy Raluca Turcan, Chamber of Deputies general secretary Gheorghe Barbu sustained by Vasile Blaga or Vice President of the Labour Committee Claudia Boghicevici. sources said Barbu does not wish to leave his position at the Chamber of Deputies. Claudia Boghicevici is sustained by Democratic Liberal deputies as she is close with Arad’s mayor Gheorghe Falca. According to other sources another name for the position might be Marian Preda, dean of the Sociology Faculty and former President of the Presidential Committee for demographic risks.  

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