News television Realitatea TV manager, Sebastian Ghita released to an audio recording in which he claimed media mogul Sorin Ovidiu Vantu threatened to kill him. Ghita said that the conversation is real and took place on April 2nd. The transcript of the tape reveals that Vantu threatened Ghita, saying that he will kill him and suggesting that murder is a solution for him whenever he has high stakes in a business.

Sebastian Ghita made the recording public the day Vantu was retained by prosecutors for blackmail and life threatening statements against Ghita. Sebastian Ghita, as the majority share holder of Asesoft, tookover the management of news television Realitatea TV on October 2010.

In February, the first quarrels between Ghita and Vantu appeared after Ghita fred Adrian Ursu and Oana Stancu, seen by the management as Vantu’s people. Tensions between the two grew in March when Vantu, accompanied by some bodyguards attempted to make Ghita give up the amangement contract at Realitatea TV.

The news television’s headquarters was the host of the quarrels. On March 31st, Realitatea Media, the shareholder of Realitatea TV announced a board meeting for ending the management contract with Asesoft but Ghita refuses. On April 3rd, Ghita and Asesoft board members announce their plans to submit a formal complaint against Vantu for life threats. Vantu denied the threats in a TV intervention at B1TV.