Former Agriculture minister Ioan Avram Muresan was sentenced to seven years of prison for embezzlement by Higher Court of Justice judges, Romanian news agency Mediafax reads. That decision can be contested. Muresan was indicted on December 18, 2003 by anti graft prosecutors.

In the same file other three persons from the ministry were indicted like Ioan Truta Enea, former deputy secretary general for bribe taking and embezzlement, Dan Jiga former general director in the Agriculture ministry and Silvia Capitanu former director in the same ministry.

As minister of Agriculture, Muresan set up in May 1999, November 1999 and April 2000 several reports to remove from the state’s reserve, as loan 5,000 tons of oil for SC SUN OIL SRL. Moreover, the three were accused of embezzlement of funds and caused a prejudice to the Agriculture ministry of 29,507,688,963 old lei.