PM Boc and the government’s General Secretariat, in collaboration with the Finance ministry needs to take measures to reactive the Committee of strategic planning, under the coordination of the Prime Minister by the end of 2011 according to a World Bank analysis mentioned in the National Reform Program 2011 – 2013 recently adopted by the executive, news agency Agerpres reports.

Measures put forward by the WB target the transfer government priorities into public policies. Moreover, the Prime Minister needs to take measures to develop a specialized IT application for documents presented in government meetings. Authorities will set up an annual working schedule for the government that will include deadline for major public policy proposals and normative acts.

The annual plan will also include implementation and supervision plans for the results of the financial and political priorities in correlation with European level priorities and the fiscal budgetary strategies, the World Bank proposed. Moreover, the government will spend 1.9 million lei, VAT excluded, from EU funds to strengthen the managerial capacity of the government for the research, elaboration, implementation and evaluation of public policies.