South East Europe becomes the main gate of drugs, arms and person trafficking to the European Union, a Europol report reads released on Wednesday that might affect the plans of Romania and Bulgaria to join Schengen, EUObserver reads.

EU’s police office, Europol based the report on over 70,000 pages of information gathered by police officers in the last two years. Of all access points, the South East has known the biggest expansion in the last years as a result of increasing traffic surrounding the Black Sea and the significant increase of illegal immigration via Greece, the study shows.

The report notes that even though organized crime groups start to diversity, Albanian criminal networks remain one of the main problems. Albanian, Turkish and former Soviet Union criminal networks are trying to extend their influence in the EU and might seek new opportunities once Romania and Bulgaria join Schengen, the report reads.

The results of the report will be forwarded, in June to the EU Interior ministers, Europol director Rob Wainwright said for EUObserver. We have an objective report, without [political influences, he said.