President Traian Basescu declared on Monday, in a special edition talk show at the public television TVR that Romania was stabilized macro-economically and is ready for a possible outbreak of the crisis. The President said that by appointing private managers in state owned companies he will shatter trans-party interests.

Romania will maintain its objective to join the euro zone in 2015, Basescu said but underlined that it is more important for the country to have a stable budget. He talked about the American anti-missile shield, privatization, restructuring of state owned companies and the economic situation of the country.

Other statements:

  • We are ready to face an outbreak of the crisis, if it will come 

  • Romanians will feel the economic growth in mid 2012 The biggest risk right now is to slip back to where we were when the crisis started. 

  • I learned not to trust politicians  

  • We can draw any time money from the IMF but we will not need it if things will go as they did so far  

  • State owned companies were not under the loop of the IMF, but of the World Bank. I insisted on the subject, to have this issue included in the new agreement. Private management is a successful key and we have plenty of examples to prove it, like Apa Nova. 

  • We need to have more responsible citizens, to pay their dues to the state 

  • We have to respect the law and pay our taxes  

  • This government managed to pull Romania out of the crisis, despite the unwillingness of some. I consider that these unpopular measures that had tough effects pulled the country out of the crisis  

  • Related to Russia’s reaction to the anti missile shield, we will have to have a serious talk once President Medvedev will make a statement, PM Putin or Russian Foreign Affairs minister Lavrov. 

  • There are no reasons to a tense relationship. Romania is safer than ever.  

  • The health sector needs more money, but how much? The option is to close the big gaps in spending in the sector and then re-evaluate the situation.