The government is governed by the IMF team rather than by the PM Boc’s government, former PM Adrian Nastase declared on Tuesday who presented a document from the IMF about which he referred on Monday as an “extremely tough”document. Contacted by, IMF local office representatives refused to comment and said that until Tony Lybek returns from Bulgaria they cannot make any official comments.

According to the document released on Adrian Nastase’s blog, the document contains a series of measures that the Romanian government commits to implement:

approving by end of August legislation creating a new transports authority to manage Metrorex, the subway company and all traffic

maintenance costs of Metrorex will drop by 30% by the end of the year the appointment of a new judicial counselor for the privatization of 20% of Tarom, the national airline company; the shares should be sold by December

by the end of November, the government commits to bring a private management at Tarom

A minority pack of shares will be sold from the energy sector:

  • Petrom – 10% 
  • Transelectrica - 15% 
  • Transgaz - 15% 
  • Romgaz - 15% 
  • Nuclearelectrica - 10% 
  • Hidroelectrica - 10% 

Privatization of distribution companies Transilvania Nord, Transilvania Sud, Muntenia and Electrica Serv. For Termoelectrica, shares will be prepared for privatization up to March 2012