A CURS survey conducted for the Institute for Popular Studies in May 11-13 2011 shows that PM Emil Boc is preferred by PDL supporters for the highest position of the party (57%) in the detriment of his main counter candidate Vasile Blaga credited with 34% or Theodor Paleologu 5%.

In exchange, supporters of the opposition’s alliance, USL, would opt for Vasile Blaga as President of PDL (46%) followed by Theodor Paleologu (12%) and Emil Boc (9%). The survey reveals that USL is credited by 55% of the voting intentions followed by PDL 20% and PP – Dan Diaconescu 11%.

Greater Romania Party and Hungarian Democrats are credited with 5% of the vote each. The survey also shows that the trust level enjoyed by Emil Boc and Vasile Blaga among PDL supporters: 46% and 37%.