Emil Boc was reconfirmed as President of the Democratic Liberal Party with 62% while his main countercandidate, Vasile Blaga received 34% of the votes of over 1400 delegates who voted at the Convention this Saturday. According to HotNews.ro sources Blaga, together with his supporters on Saturday night discusses the strategy for the second convention day. He is considering a partial or total withdrawal of the candidacies of Blaga’s men for the Permanent Office positions. The same sources claim that Boc’s camp starts negotiating positions and even talks over Boc’s withdrawal from the government.

President Basescu was said to meet Boc for talks about the government’s strategy. According to HotNews.ro sources the chief of state met on Friday night with Boc and Blaga. Boc considered to offer Blaga an honorific position but Blaga’s supporters are sure he will refuse. According to quoted sources, Blaga considers leaving Boc to take all leadership of the party including the main positions so that after the 2012 elections he can takeover the party after a failure of Boc.