We have so many sectors in which an influx of capital is needed and I am convinced that 2012 will continue the reform trend, Romania’s representative to the IMF Mihai Tanasescu declared in a talk show Bucuresti punkt Bonn, by HotNews.ro and Radio Deutsche Welle. Tanasescu expressed his hope that the targets set by Romania will be respected by the political class even though 2012 is an electoral year.

Most important statements

  • The restructuring process in itself has a goal: public service and efficiency of these companies to increase in the upcoming period We cannot implement a unique method for all companies, each company needs to be analyzed and solutions must be found Some of them can survive, others will have to be shut down while others need capital for restructuring  

  • It is clear that all state owned companies need private management, a new type of management  

  • Currently, it is important to start the process from within the companies We will see what the solutions are in the next few months 

  • There will probably be lay offs for some companies if authorities will decide this is the case but there will most surely be compensation as well  

  • These companies need to become efficient, to create new jobs in a structure that would add value to the state budget
  • It is time to prove that these companies can add revenues to the state 

  • It is a radical transformation 2012 is an electoral year but let’s not forget that Romania has some set targets that need to be respected 

  • European funds together with public private funds are important sources of growth and projects that Romania needs