Romania might have direct commercial relations with the Russian group Gazprom if it offers something in exchange, to be able to import gases from Russia directly at a smaller price, Russian Embassy to Bucharest Economic Counsellor Igor Sidorov declared quoted by Mediafax. He said that if Romania had sold Distrigaz Sud to Gazprom, that wanted to buy it, it would have had a better price for gases. showed that Romania currently pays the most expensive gas exported by Gazprom in Europe. Distrigaz Sud was purchased in 2005 by the French group Gaz de France.

Romania could get a better price if it makes a step forward towards Gazprom, Sidorov said. He said that when Romania imported directly gases from Russia it failed to pay in time and after intermediaries were introduced, Romanian authorities honored their payment obligations. In March Romania imported gases with 400 dollars/1,000 cubic meters while other European states bought the same quantity with about 360 dollars.