Romania made nice progress, Ole Schroder German Interior ministry State Secretary said about the trial involving customs officers in an interview for but avoided to say whether October 1 is a realist term for Romania to join Schengen. The answer is neither at Berlin nor at Brussels, Schroder said but depends on the progress made by Romania in its anti-corruption fight and on the evaluation on justice expected in July. One thing is clear, the German official said.

Even if Romania complied with its technical criteria and is on the right road, it will need to be established whether it also made its homework on corruption, he said. When irreversible progress made in the fight against corruption and organized crime are seen, a decision at the level of the EU will be taken.

The German official said in the interview that the July evaluation on the justice system will surely highlight several reference points. He said that it essential for Romanian authorities to have the trials involving customs officers end with a sentence.