Democratic Liberal Senator Mircea Banias is not allowed to leave the country for 30 days, according to the interdiction imposed on Tuesday by anti-graft prosecutors. The Senator is accused of joining an organized criminal network, traffic of influence and incitement to theft.

Anti graft prosecutors investigate 30 people in this file for corruption acts regarding activities of export-import of merchandise from outside the EU through the customs offices across Constanta. The network is formed by an important number of persons including politicians with important positions in the state or people in managing positions in the customs system, customs officers, businessmen and individuals benefiting from the merchandise imported in Romania.

Customs officers received bribes daily between 1000 to 7000 USD for each transport. In this situation, the state’s budget was prejudiced by sums between 232,186 lei to 8,280,923 lei for each transport that was introduced illegally in the country.