Romania’s refusal to attend the Central European Summit, organized by Poland with the participation of the US President Barack Obama will not affect Romania’s bilateral relationships with the US, President Traian Basescu said on Thursday for the public radio.

He said Romania has a predictable position and would risk to encounter, in another event, the leader of the self proclaimed republic of Transdniester, Igor Smirnov. Things are quote simple, the President said adding that Poland has acknowledged Kosovo as an independent state but Romania did not.

Romania cannot sit at the same table with a state that it did not acknowledge as a state, Basescu said. He said when Kosovo will be acknowledged by the UN, Romania will reconsider its position but underlined that Romania will not vote on the matter. Basescu said that there was another proposal, for Kosovo not to show its flag but have its president at the table.

He said that a country is represented by its president not by the flag. He said that he could not accept this proposal.