Romania’s absence from the Central European Summit organized in Poland will not be well received in Washington, the New York Times comments Romania, Serbia and Slovakia’s decision to boycott the summit. The three presidents of the countries announced that they will not attend the summit where US President Barack Obama is expected after Poland, convinced by the US invited Kosovo leader Atifete Jahjaga. Kosovo has not been acknowledged as a state by Serbia, Slovakia and Romania.

The American daily considers that Romania’s absence from the summit will not be seen in good eyes in Washington considering that security relations between the two countries are very close. New Yort Times reminds its readers the agreement between Romania and the US on the anti missile shield placement, part of the NATO shield.

Romanian President Basescu declared on Thursday that Romania’s refusal to the Central European Summit will not affect bilateral relations with the US. He said Romania has a predictable position and would risk, if it accepts such proposals, to meet the leader of the self proclaimed republic of Transdniester in another event. Romania did not acknowledge Kosovo as an independent state, Basescu said.