The name of the National Fiscal Administration chief Sorin Blejnar is invoked in a conversation between two defendants in the corruption file at the Port of Constanta. The discussion took place on December 24, 2010 between Tudoran Dragos Iulian, associate at SC Container Clearance Service SRL and Liviu Bratu, deputy of the Constanta Sud Agigea customs. The two say that Liviu Durbac, chief of the Constanta Sud Agigea customs would talk to Blejnar “over there” on the 26 according to a document obtained by Mediafax. In the indicted period, both Durbac and Blejnar were together in the US, investigators note.

In the file there were 29 arrest warrants and PDL Senator Mircea Banias is also investigated, with an interdiction to leave the country.