Romania’s National Integrity Agency, ANI, requested the confiscation of 45,355 euro from the wealth of a customs police officer, Liviu Danut Butta, after the investigation revealed that he accumulated together with his family a wealth that exceeds the revenues of his family.

Butta was an operative agent at the Moravita customs from June 1, 2000 to December 31, 2010. The investigation also took into account the wealth of his wife, Liana Maria Butta. Following the evaluation of the wealth statements and of the information regarding the existent wealth, it was noted that the Butta family owns two apartments, a house and four terrains and two cars. Most of the wealth was bought in the time spam that Butta was a customs police officer.

The National Integrity Agency claims that there is a significant difference of 45,355 euro between the wealth and the revenues made as an operative agent.