Corina Dumitescu was validated as representative of the civil society in the Superior Council of Magistracy in the Senate with 58 votes for. However, the meeting was suspended shortly after the vote for lack of quorum. Governing coalition representatives signaled the lack of quorum of the meeting.

This was contested after Senate’s secretary, PDL Gheorghe David contested the result of the vote through which Dumitrescu was validated. David said that there were not 69 Senators present in the Senate that would have been needed to validate the election.

PSD Senator Ilie Sarbu said that according to the presence scheme, there were 88 Senators present. Senators admitted finally that there were only 65 Senators in the room and the meeting was suspended. The Senate has been struggling for months to validate two representatives of the civil society for the Superior Council of Magistracy following a decision of the Constitutional Court that ruled that Victor Alistar cannot occupy the position.