“ We have agreed today on a programme of joint work between our two countries to promote economic growth in the European Union, to enlarge it to the Western Balkans, Turkey and the Republic of Moldova, to respond generously to democratic reform in the EU's neighbourhood, including by sharing experience in institution-building, and to protect the security of our citizens including through ongoing NATO operations in Libya and Afghanistan” the joint statement reads, highlighting the main objectives of the common statement signed on Monday by the Romanian President Traian Basescu and British PM David Cameron, remitted to HotNews.ro from the British Embassy to Bucharest.

The chief of state is in an official visit for two days in Great Britain.

“Romania and the UK share a common vision for Europe, an enlarged EU, more competitive in the global economy, more open to trade and innovation, more supportive of new businesses and economic growth, based on the free movement of goods, services, people and capital. We will act together in European, transatlantic and international institutions in support of these objectives.”

The two agreed to promote economic growth in the EU:

  • Drive forward the completion of the Single Market on services, the digital economy, energy and other fields through eliminating barriers which restrict growth, 
  • Promote free, fair and open trade between the EU and the major trading partners, with a focus on completing a Doha deal this year and working towards conclusion of other Free Trade Agreements
  • Reduce the overall burden of EU regulation on businesses
  • Promote innovation, including an EU-wide patent
  • Ensure EU spending is simplified and made more transparent
  • Economic relations and investment