Orange and Vodafone won in court last month the suspension of the fines given by the Competition Council a month later when the two companies were fined by 34.8 million euro and 28.3 million euro for abuse of dominant position. According to the competition law, the court can take such a decision only with the condition of the companies to pay 30% of the total fine received which means that Orange and Vodafone had to pay together 18.9 million euro.

The Competition Council announced on February 15 this year its decision to fine Orange and Vodafone by 63.1 million euro for abuse of dominant position following a complaint made in 2006 by Netmaster, an alternative telecom company. This is the biggest fine ever applied by the council. Competition Council President Bogdan Chiritoiu, contacted by said that they will probably appeal the decision at the Higher Court of Justice. Each company paid 30% of the sanction but we are waiting for the final decision in the court, he said.