President Traian Basescu told on Friday Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu and Bucharest district mayors that the referendum for the capital city law is not longer needed and that the changes in the capital city need to be debated as part of the territorial re-organization that the Prime Minister announced. The President met on Friday with the city mayor and the six district mayors for talks on the referendum that was supposed to be organized on June 26. The meeting was informal.

President Basescu announced that he will make some statements on this matter later today.

The President underlined that the referendum will not achieve its goal since the government is talking about a bigger administrative change that the referendum has into account, Oprescu declared. In the same time, Oprescu said he called the Bucharest city hall council that hopefully will decide to no longer organize the referendum.

Oprescu said that talks should encompass the concept of region and about what the region that includes Bucharest means. Basescu said that the idea of a referendum should not be discredited, which is why he wants to see the scope of this referendum very clear.