The local council of the region dominated by the Hungarian minority in Romania threatened on Wednesday with protests, civic unrest and rallies if the governing party, the Democratic Liberals manages to pass the draft law reorganizing Romania’s territory, news agency Agerpres reads.

All citizens and all public administrations in the region need to prepare for civic unrest, protests, and rallies to show the government that their initiative is not possible, a press release of the local authorities reads. Leader of the local council, Izsak Balazs declared on Wednesday that the civic unrest expression can come in many ways including: refusal to pay taxes, blocking some roads and other means of peaceful protest means.

He admitted that the idea is related to the ones sustained by the Hungarian Democratic Party. The press release reads that the government’s plan is anti democratic, contrary to all international agreements signed by Romania and hurts the will and interests of the Hungarian minority by forcefully modifying the ethnic proportions with an aim of eliminating the Hungarian minority from public life.