Romania’s Prime Minister, Emil Boc declared for a talk show for a news television B1TV that they are continuing talks with their governing partners, the Hungarian Democrats on the territorial reorganization issue. Boc said that he is not worried about the complains of the Hungarian minority at Brussels because in Europe general rights are encourage not minority rights and Romania has one of the most advanced law of minorities.

The Prime Minister said to settle the problem raised by several Romanians that accuse that their county is in a historical region and now it would be part of a new structure. Boc said that we have economic development regions without any judicial personality and the government plans to transform them in administrative units.

Debate is necessary to explain Romanians what this reorganization implies and what are its advantages. The biggest advantage, Boc said is that Romania could develop in other ways also. He said that the government is not obliged to organize a referendum in each county responding to the request of the opposition to have one.