Italian MEP Francesco Enrico Speroni, raporteur in the case involving Romanian MEP Adrian Severin explained for the decision of the Judicial Committee to waive his immunity. He said that prosecutors work based on certain information, certain documents. The Italian MEP explained that deputies decided to not allow the arrest of Severin because in his opinion journalists at the Sunday Times are also guilty for trying to corrupt him.

Romanian MEP Adrian Severin was involved in a corruption scandal at the level of the European Parliament, after the Sunday Times revealed that Severin agreed to pass certain amendments in the EP in exchange of sums of money. Speroni said that in a corruption case there are two guilty parties: the one that is corrupt and the one that corrupts.

He said why no journalist is investigated in this case, because it is a felony to attempt to corrupt politicians. Speroni said that the judicial committee in the EP did not consider that Romanian prosecutors are targeting Severin politically but that they have certain information and documents at hand to sustain their investigation.

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