Leaders of the opposition, Victor Ponta and Crin Antonescu declared on Tuesday that they will not make any compromise with President Traian Basescu and proposed during talks at Cotroceni support for an independent government and early elections this fall. The proposal was refused by the President saying that early elections would mean throwing the country into instability.

The proposals of the opposition:

  • Setting up an anti-crisis economic committee, with a dialogue between the government – opposition – National Central Bank Replacing the incumbent government with an independent one, that would implement immediate economic measures and would organize early elections 

  • Adopting a law to decrease the number of parliamentarians to 300 Parliamentary elections based on the new law on November 30, 2011 

  • Talks in the new parliament for revising the Constitution and the territorial reorganization of the country  

  • Referendum to modify the Constitution at local elections in 2012 

Here are President Basescu’s most important statements:

  • There can be no compromise on the vote of the referendum related to the number of Parliamentarians  

  • You presented a program that sees the creation of the eight regions and I noticed you agree with the 300 Parliamentarians  

  • I will forward the project revising the constitution to the Parliament as soon as possible  

  • I am determined not to give up the presumption that the acquired wealth was made legal 

  • Almost half of the budget’s revenues are spent by the state apparatus which is a lot