One of the themes of the last months is related to Greece’s situation and the way its situation might affect the rest of the European economies. Romania’s representative to the IMF, Mihai Tanasescu talked with about the impact of Greece over the Romanian economy.

Tanasescu said that he does not believe that Greece risks a default as long as the EU and the IMF, anchors that back it up are very strong. He said that these organisms want from Greece to implement reforms and prove it can manage the problems on its own mainly, but with some international help.

Regarding its effect over Romania, Tanasescu said that financial markets are interconnected, commercial markets are interconnected and a deterioration of one segment leads to deterioration of the whole chain. However, if Greece will be default, it will affect the financial system, he said. Tanasescu said that Romania has among the best monitoring devices in Europe and the potential risks could be minimized through the measures taken by the central bank.