Romanian, Bulgarian and Greek leaders should allow foreign experts to manage EU funds, German MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis declared for Euractiv. All these countries are very proud saying that this measure would affect their sovereignty, Chatzimarkakis said. He said that the three countries, especially Bulgaria and Romania are not capable to absorbing efficiently the EU funds. Chatzimarkakis mentioned that Hahn, EC Commissioner for regional policies has hundreds of millions of euro for technical assistance: which means he can send people, experts from EU member states, EC for a certain period of time in the countries to help them manage and implement programs.

There is money in the accounts, and the countries should leave aside their pride and use them. Politicians in all the countries need to admit that there is a problem and could limit technical assistance to three years, the official said. EC Commissioner for Regional policies spokesperson Ton Van Lierop said for that at the level of the EC there is no initiative that would impose Romania foreign experts to manage EU funds.