The European Parliament decided to waive the immunity of the Romanian MEP Adrian Severin, involved in a scandal of money for amendments in the European Parliament. European Parliamentarians voted on Thursday the report of the Judicial Committee of the Parliament that recommends the EP to waive the immunity of Adrian Severin.

Italian MEP Francesco Speroni, raporteur in the case involving Romanian MEP Adrian Severin who was the focus of a scandal revealed by the Sunday Times whose undercover journalists offered him money for amendments, talked about the motivation of the committee. The decision will be forwarded to the Romanian authorities and Severin will be able to be indicted by anti graft prosecutors.

On March 21, following a series of video and audio materials released by the Sunday Times incriminating Romanian MEP Adrian Severin for asking money in exchange of passing amendments in the EP , the Romanian anti graft prosecutors stated to investigate Severin.