US Ambassador to Bucharest, H.E. Mark Gitenstein explained in a statement for his reasons for criticizing, the other days, the decision of the Constitutional Court on the project revising the Constitution proposed by President Basescu. Romania offers opportunities but as long as there is corruption and no rule of law, American investors will not invest in Romania, Gitenstein said for

Three days ago, the US Ambassador showed, in a press release, that the decision of the Constitutional Court on the unconstitutionality of some proposals modifying the fundamental law are worrisome because it impedes the efforts to consolidate the judiciary and fight against corruption in Romania.

The American official said that Romania offers plenty of opportunities, because it has qualified labour and for many other reasons but American investors will not invest in the country if corruption persists. He said that all American company representatives know that he will denounce any involvement they might have in corruption practices because such activities breach the American law. He said that corruption is a negative thing for Romania.

Gitenstein said that these are the reasons for which he takes a stand, not because he wants to mingle in politics. American company representatives are complaining to me about the corruption in Romania, he said.