Authorities in Bucharest will demand that European Commission to conduct an updated study on the impact of labour market liberalization over EU member state economies in an attempt to push for a lift of restrictions for Romanian workers, a document of the executive reads quoted by news agency Mediafax.

Talks with also tackle the fact that the liberalization of the labour market contributes to a decrease of the black market labour and the states that postponed a decision confront a deficit of labour force which cannot be covered in the next years. Romanian authorities will therefore claim that the liberalization of the labour market will not lead to an increase in the number of Romanian workers but it will ensure a legal status for those already present in the states.

The document reads that Bucharest expects in the same time to have the restrictions extended due to the reticence of the public opinion towards the foreign workers, in the context of the crisis. Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland and Malta still maintain their restrictions for Romanian workers.