Report on Communism not applied One year after the president officially condemned the Communism, only 4 out of 36 measures suggested in the Tismaneanu Report on Communism were applied. The draft for a lustration law passed over an year in the Houser of Deputies, while the investigations on the Romanian Revolution and the violent events in the early 90s are far from being finished. The Communism manual for high schools was not edited, just like the promised Encyclopedia of Communism.
Opposition wins in 2008 Budget negotiations Record amounts of money for Agriculture, education and local administration in areas led by the main opposition party, Social Democrats (PSD): this is, in a rough description, the state budget structure for 2008. The budget law draft was approved by the Parliament on Thursday, after two days of fast-forward debates and amendments approved on a roll. PSD obtained 2.4 billion RON (1 euro = 3.55 RON) for the counties led by its party members. 
PM will not sack minister Orban before Police conclusions Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu officially declared that he waits the results of the Police investigation in the case of minister Orban's car crash. Tariceanu refuses to make any official comment until the results are made public and points at the rumors on dismissing Orban as "not founded". In the recent chain of events, the father of the young girl involved in the accident was heard by prosecutors on Thursday and declared that he maintains his first statements: the girl broke her hand earlier in the day, slipping on the ice. 
Governing PNL party press office: All information published by consists in invented stories The press office of the governing party in Romania, the National Liberal Party (PNL), issued a press release for the whole Romanian media on Wednesday saying that "all information published by the HotNews press agency simply consists in invented stories aimed at manipulating the public opinion". The press release unprecedentedly attacking the website you are now reading - which, as an online news website in Romanian and English and not as a press agency, is one of the most visited news websites in Romania - does not make reference to a specific story on
Romania Transport minister could be subjected to criminal inquiry over car accident Romanian Transport minister Ludovic Orban, brother to European Commissioner for Multilingualism Leonard Orban, could be subjected to a criminal inquiry as the Romanian police on Wednesday passed to prosecutors the file of an accident in which the minister was involved on Sunday. The news comes as footage of the accident was broadcast by a TV news station on Wednesday afternoon and claims intensified that the member of the government lied repeatedly in preliminary statements about the accident.
Romania Police confirmed that Transports minister hit a person Police confirmed on Tuesday evening that Romanian Transports minister Ludovic Orban hit a person in the car accident he was involved in on Sunday, but added that the parents of the victim did not file any complaint. Orban and the police had previously dismissed claims of a victim, which first appeared on a blog.
Killer of Romanian director Cristian Nemescu gets 7 years in prison British citizen Ali Imran, who caused the car crash in which famous Romanian film director Cristi Nemescu, sound engineer Andrei Toncu and cab driver Radu Arustei died in Bucharest last year, has been sentenced to seven years in prison.
Anthax case confirmed in northern Romania Lab analysis confirmed that a man who sacrificed an animal is infected with anthrax in Bistrita Nasaud in Northern Romania, Romanian news station Realitatea TV informs. The butcher is receiving the necessary treatment and is out of danger.
Romania will miss snow this Christmas but have plenty by New Years Eve Weather will remain cold across most of Romania until Christmas Eve, when it will warm slightly and stay so until New Years Eve, Environment minister Attila Korodi announced on Tuesday. Once New Year comes, temperatures will drop again across the country with a strong possibility of snow, according to meteorologists.
Transports minister Ludovic Orban has license suspended after car accident Romania Transports minister Ludovic Orban has had his driving license suspended after being involved in a car accident on Sunday, but reported the accident on Monday night. The police suspended his driving license for one month and sanctioned him with five penalty points. Orban as sanctioned because he did not comply the legal 24 hour time limit to report an accident.
18 years on, Romanian late dictator Ceausescu bank accounts are still blurred 18 years have passed since the December 1989 Revolution in Romania and questions still remain about the fate of the huge fortune the Ceausescu family who had ruled the country with an iron fist for decades had made. A parliamentary commission has been attempting to determine where the money is and whether it is really out there. But investigations are deadlocked because of the refusal of some to collaborate with authorities.
Washington Times: Romania close to a financial crisis A Washington Times article discusses the currenct account deficit of Romania and other Eastern European countries, predicting an imminent economic fall if authorities cannot manage holding it under control. ECIPE director Fredrik Eixon says that Romania's last year commercial deficit of 10 billion dollars was covered by the foreign direct investments, which amount to some 9 billion dollars quoting Financial Times sources. 
Liberal leadership nominates Senator Norica Nicolai as Romania Justice minister The political board of the governing National Liberal Party (PNL) has approved Senator Norica Nicolai to take over the Justice minister portfolio on Monday. The ministerial seat was left vacant a week ago following the resignation of ex-minister Tudor Chiuariu. 28 members of the PNL board were in favor of Nicolai, with one vote against her.
Heavy snow falls brought traffic to a halt across Romania this weekend Meteorologists say this weekend saw the first real snow fall reported in Romania for the last two years, with snow affecting most of the country. While this comes as good news for mountain resorts that have opened a majority of ski slopes, traffic was brought to a complete halt this weekend and several people died in accidents.
Former Justice minister Chiuariu accuses President Basescu of blackmailing Constitutional Court Former Justice minister Tudor Chiuariu accused President Basescu in an interview for this weekend of blackmailing members of the Constitutional Court of Romania. Even though he admits he has no evidence to support his statements, Chiuariu warned that several times Basescu knew beforehand some information which he could only obtain through blackmail.
25 Romanian thieves arrested in Spain A network of Romanian thieves operating for more than half a year in the region of Valencia have been arrested under charges of stealing. Romanian TV station Antena 3 reported on Sunday that the Spanish police confiscated guns, ammunition and other weapons following the arrest of the 25 Romanians - 19 men and six women.
World Handball: Germania - Romania 36-35 Romania's national women handball team lost before Germany by only one point this weekend, only getting fourth place in the Handball World Cup with a 36-35 score despite a seven-point lead at breaktime. Germany managed to equal Romania in the last 32 seconds of the game and then won in the two additional rounds.
26% more new cars registered in 2007 Over 288,000 new cars were registered on the Romanian market during the first 11 months of 2007, 26.2% more than the similar period in 2006, the European Auto Constructors Association informed. During the same period, Europe saw over 14.82 million new cars registered, 1.1% more, compared to 2006. The most significant growth was seen on the Romanian and Bulgarian market. 
PM Tariceanu: Moldova lacks the vision to build its road to the EU Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu declared on Friday that he is disappointed with the Kishinev government attitude, as well as with the recent statements of president Vladimir Voronin on Romania. Still, Tariceanu emphasized on the fact that Romania will always be available to help Moldova. Discussing the case of the two Romanian diplomats expelled from Kishinev, Tariceanu said that the attitude of the Moldova officials does not follow the spirit of the policies Romania addressed to Moldova.
Romanian movie 4, 3, 2... Golden Globe nominee. Oscars to follow After its success in Cannes, where it got the highest prize - the Palme D'Or trophy, Romanian film 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days was nominated for the Golden Globe Awards, in the Best Foreign Movie category. Movie director Cristian Mungiu declared for Realitatea TV that this nomination represent one step further in receiving an Academy Award nomination. 


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