Romanian deputies vote to remove special pensions for magistrates, MPs, keep military pensions Romania's House of Deputies adopted on Tuesday a bill removing the existing special pensions given to judges, prosecutors, members of the Parliament, auxiliary court personnel and other key categories of state and public sector employees. Deputies voted to keep special pensions for military and the police.
Romanian patient monitored for coronavirus has in fact flu A patient from the Eastern Romanian city of Bacau, who has been transferred to a Bucharest institute for contagious diseases to be monitored for the new Chinese coronavirus, in fact has flu, the Health Ministry announced on Monday morning.
Finance Minister says Romania has no option but become part of Euro zone Romania's Finance minister Florin Citu says Romania's goal to enter the "Euro waiting room" in 2024 was an "ambitious one". But he said, in an interview with Digi24 news channel on Monday evening, that "not joining the Euro zone is not an option for Romania".
​President Iohannis supports talks on lifting tax exemption for IT workers Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has said the idea of an equal fiscal treatment is "essentially true" but that the IT sector, where income taxes are subject to exemption, has grown from "something insignificant to 6% of the GDP".
Risk of new China coronavirus reaching Romania is low, experts say ​Romanian experts and officials held talks on Monday on the risks Romania faces related to the new coronavirus outbreak in China. While the virus is seen as a public health emergency despite the WHO not yet declaring it as such, a top hospital official says the risk that this virus reaching Romania is low.
​Romania Justice minister makes key nominations for top prosecutor jobs Romania's Justice minister Catalin Predoiu on Tuesday made three key nominations for the top job at key prosecutor's offices - the Prosecutor General, the head of the National Anti-corruption Department (DNA) and the key office dealing with organised crime and terrorism, DIICOT.
Romanian PM Ludovic Orban agreement with president on early general elections Romanian Liberal PM Ludovic Orban, who is forced to govern without a clear majority in a Parliament dominated by Social Democrats, is moving towards early elections. He said on Friday he and President Klaus Iohannis have convened to organise early elections, which both see as the best solution for Romania.
UPDATE Head of educational group in Romania taken from home over extradition request from Erdogan authorities / Extradition rejected The president of an educational group in Romania was retained at his home on Tuesday morning based on an extradition request from the authorities of the Erdogan regime. Fatih Gursoy, the Turkish-origin head of the Lumina educational group, is due to hear a decision of Romanian judges on the extradition request, according to a Lumina press release.UPDATE Romanian judges decided later on Tuesday to reject the extradition request.
Romanian business people withdraw distraint on air traffic authority Romatsa The Romanian business people known as the Micula Brothers, who have won a case against Romania at the International Court of Arbitration, have withdrawn the distraint applied to air traffic authority Romatsa as part of their efforts to recover the debt the Romanian state holds towards them. The announcement was made by PM Ludovic Orban in statements for on Tuesday.
EU Court rejects Romanian ex-leader Liviu Dragnea's request to annul prison sentence The EU Court has rejected a court action by Romania's former leader Liviu Dragnea, now in jail, by which he attempt to obtained the annulment of the prison sentence in a corruption case, according to news agency Mediafax.
Romania's doctors deficit: Over 400 towns have no family doctors, more than 1,000 lack the necessary number Some 424 towns across Romania have no family doctor and 1,098 towns have not enough family doctors for their population, the national federation of family doctors has announced.
​Romania readies for extended holiday season Romania's government has decided to expand the Christmas and New Year holidays for state employees so that they include the dates of December 27 and January 3. The decision was announced on Friday morning.
​UPDATE Teacher of Turkish origin retained in Bucharest on extradition warrant issued by Erdogan regime / Court rejects extradition request A teacher of Turkish origin teaching English at a Bucharest high school was retained by Romanian police based on an extradition warrant issued by the Turkish authorities, the high school announced in a press release. An extradition is only possible, however, if a Romanian judge approves it.UPDATE The Bucharest Court of Appeals rejected the extradition of the Turkish teacher later on Wednesday.
Romania's 2020 budget bill based on prospects of 4.1% economic growth, 3.58% deficit Romania's Finance Ministry published the budget bill for 2020 on Tuesday. It is based on prospects of 4.1% economic growth with an average yearly growth of 4.1% for 2021-2023, considerably higher than European averages.
Romanian president Iohannis considers naming Holocaust Museum manager as Ambassador to Israel Romanian President Klaus Iohannis announced on Tuesday he planned to "promote" Radu Ioanid, the manager of the archives division at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, as Ambassador to Israel.
New US Ambassador to Romania Adrian Zuckerman to be received by President Iohannis The new US Ambassador to Bucharest Adrian Zuckerman takes over his office officially on Tuesday when he will be received by President Klaus Iohannis to submit his letter of credence. Zuckerman, a lawyer of Romanian origin, is fluent in Romanian.
UPDATE Romania govt. to take responsibility before Parliament for 2020 budget bill The Liberal Government would take responsibility before the Parliament for the 2020 budget law, in a procedure expected to take place on December 23, according to Liberal sources. This comes as PM Ludovic Orban had said the government would pick this option in case the budget bill risked postponement.UPDATE PM Orban announced officially on Monday afternoon that indeed his Government would take responsibility for the budget bill before the Parliament on December 23.
First sentences in Colectiv fire disaster case - prison for ex-mayor, club owners A former mayor and the owners of Bucharest night club Colectiv were sentenced to prison on Monday in the case of the Colectiv fire disaster in 2015, in which dozens revelers died and hundreds of others suffered injuries. These are the first sentences in the case, which was mainly linked to widespread corruption.
Former presidential candidate Cumpanasu faces fraud inquiry over education claims The head of an NGO with strong ties to state structures, who also ran in Romania's presidential elections this year, has been placed under inquiry by anti-corruption prosecutors (DNA) over alleged lies in his resume, which amounts to fraud, judicial sources told news agency Mediafax.
​Former police intelligence boss, a fan of ayahuasca "tea", arrested in case of massive use of high risk drugs A former head of an intelligence department of Romania's Interior Ministry, his partner and a British citizens have been retained for 30 days in a drug trafficking case, judicial sources have told news agency Mediafax. Gelu Oltean, former head of DIPI, a section that used to answer to the Ministry before its restructuring several years ago, is also facing a separate inquiry by anti-graft prosecutors.


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