Surprising victory of Hillary Clinton Democrat senator Hillary Clinton won the confrontation against senator Barrack Obama in the preliminary elections in New Hampshire. The race was a lot tighter than expected. Clinton won by just 2%, after Obama was indicated as favorite by pre-scrutiny polls. Advisers in the Democrat campaign say that Hillary won due to her sensitive attitude. In the Republican camp, John McCain won by far, with 37%. 
VIDEO:  Yokozuna Asashoryu makes quite an impression on return to sumo competition Grand champion Asashoryu made quite an appearance on his return to training before the Tokyo sumo turney due to begin late this week on Tuesday. It was the first appearance of the Mongol after the scandal last year when he was seen playing football in Mongolia shortly after refusing to attend the sumo circuit on medical grounds.
VIDEO: Bill Gates the billionaire mocks Bill Gates the pensioner Bill Gates presented a funny and cool moment in which he mocks his own person at the Consumer Electronics Show 2008 in Las Vegas, where the founder of Microsoft talked about his imminent withdrawal from the company. View a film depicting Bill Gates poking fun at himself as a pensioner:
Fugitive Omar Hayssam awaits the Romanian justice in Lebanon Omar Hayssam, a fugitive businessman of Syrian origin accused of terrorist acts in Romania, told Romanian prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu in a wired telephone conversation that he can meet him in Lebanon whenever he wants, Romanian daily Gandul reads, quoting news agency Mediafax. Moreover, he added that the prosecutor can enjoy a nice holiday in Lebanon with expensive cars and women. Hayssam confessed that he left the country with a fake passport.
US Embassy employee who injured Romanian citizen left the country An employee working with the US Embassy to Bucharest who was involved in a serious car crash in the Romanian capital which caused serious injuries to a Romanian woman has left the country, Romanian newspaper Gardianul informs. According to the newspaper, agent Kevin Sandlin, an American Secret Services employee, left the country on Monday morning. 
Home alone: an entire village left for Spain Their children have computers and go skiing in the Austrian Alps. They learn Spanish from soap operas and dream of becoming football players or music stars. Some 648 people from Hordo, a village where George Cosbuc, a famous Romanian poet was born, have left for Spain in search for better jobs and money to raise their children. However, their kids, left behind with their grandparents, feel abandoned in front of all the high tech surrounding them.
Romanian NGO SoJust urges magistrates to resign Romanian NGO Society for Justice (SoJust) reveals that all exams to occupy leading positions in courts and prosecutor's offices during the period of 2005-2007 did not comply with the necessary procedures and therefore calls on all members of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) to resign.UPDATE: The Council responded by saying that "such manifestations occur when SoJust members attend exams to be promoted to decision-making positions where they obtain mediocre results".
4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days film among favorites in New York Times preferences ''4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days'', the film of the famous Romanian director Cristian Mungiu numbers among the New York Times critics favorites in an unofficial Oscar list published on Sunday, Romanian Cultural Institute informs.
Romanian Agriculture Minister: Romania needs to regain its credibility within the EU Romanian Agriculture Minister, Dacian Ciolos talks in an interview for - BBC about the problems his Ministry faces in dealing with the European Union on many issues. He argues that Romania needs to regain its credibility and comply to EU standards. But he also says that at Romania's request recently, the EU has agreed not to push measures in the near future preventing Romanians to sacrifice pigs and lambs on Christmas Eve and Easter respectively.
Romania challenges EC decision to cut carbon emmissions Romania has urged the Court of Justice of the European Communities to annul an European Commission decision to demand a Romanian cut of carbon emissions by 20%. The Romanian government made the decision to move against the EC call at its last session last year, arguing that the Commission exceeded its attributions through a discriminatory measure. It is the first such act by the government in Bucharest since Romania joined the EU a year ago.
American woman of Romanian descent collects money for Iraq football league A football league for children is expected to be established in Iraq by the end of the month in a project aimed at contributing to the reconciliation between various ethnic groups in the country. The initiative belongs to an American woman who has discovered her passion for football in her country of origin, Romania.
Romanians blocked on airports at home, in London Hundreds of Romanians have been stuck for more than 24 hours on airports in Bucharest and abroad by Friday at noon. On the Henri Coanda International Airport in Otopeni, Bucharest some 200 people waited for over 30 hours to leave for Vienna and London - which they finally did as late as Friday afternoon. In London, about 150 Romanians waiting to return home since Thursday morning learned they would only fly home on Monday.
Hundreds of Romanian tourists still trapped in Bulgaria Hundreds of Romanian tourists were still blocked in Northern Bulgaria on Friday morning but the Romanian Embassy in Sofia announced that they were expected to be able to leave soon. Bulgarian authorities, on the other part, assured that they will unlock the roads by Friday afternoon the latest after heavy snow storms over the past two days.
86 journalists killed in 2007 A report put up by Reporters without Frontiers shows that 86 journalists were killed last year in various corners of the world. The balance is even more sad considering that this is the highest level in the past 13 years. The Reporters without Frontiers say that the authors of the over 80 murders were not found or didn't suffer any penalty. For the fifth year in a row, Iraq leads in the number of killings, with 47 victims, followed by Somalia (8 victims), Pakistan (6) and Sri Lanka (3).
Romanian immigrants in Castellon lead to unprecedented economic performance The income of citizens in the Spanish province of Castilla y Leon, where an important community of Romanian workers lives, has surpassed for the first time the European  average. The sudden growth was made possible due to Romania and Hungary joining the European Union. Spanish daily El Pais adds that other reasons for the performance were the 1% surpassing of the average European economic growth and the lower populace growth rate, compared to the European average growth rate.
1,300 Romanian tourists stuck at the Bulgarian border Some 1,300 Romanian tourists returning from holidays are blocked in Bulgaria because of the heavy snow falling during the past few days. at the Giurgiu - Ruse border, no vehicles may pass towards Bulgaria, after the local authorities in Ruse declared an emergency state. 
Slovenia takes turn in EU presidency Slovenia officially took over the half-yearly presidency of the European Union, thus becoming the first former Communist block country to hold this position. The last semester has Portugal as leading country.
Romanian woman killed in Italy A 17-year old Romanian girl was killed by her former Italian boyfriend on the night of the New Year's Eve, in the Italian city of Rosamo, Rador informs. After presuming at first that it was all just an accident caused by those celebrating the New Year firing weapons, investigators found that, in fact, Cornelia Duana was shot dead by 29-year old Giuseppe Ceravolo.
Romanians working abroad sent home 7 billion euro in 2007 Romanian workers employed in other states sent home some 7 billion euro in 2007, out of which over 2 billion in December only, a report put up by the World Bank informs, according to the Rador news agency. Romania ranks tenth worldwide on this indicator. According to the report, the amount is not very significant, if compared to the gross domestic product (GDP) of Romania, still the funds sent by migrating workers represent a real support for the national economy. 
UPDATE: Snow storm brings South Romania to a halt. Bucharest airports closed Bucharest and surrounding areas were brought to a complete halt on Thursday morning after a night of heavy snow storms that led to the closure of Romanian capital's two airports and paralyzed traffic across the city and on national roads and one highway. After the heavy snows during the past few days, several national roads were blocked, trains suffered major delays, flights were cancelled, ports were closed and ambulances proved unable to reach their destinations. A yellow code warning was instated between January 1 and 3.


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