Romanian communications authority postpones 5G tender Romania's communications regulator ANCOM announced officially on Thursday the postponement of a tender for the sale of 5G services frequencies. It said the Romanian and US governments have signed a emorandum on the issue and, in order for it to be applied, legislation changes were needed.
European Commission on Romania's latest EC nominee Victor Negrescu: Doubts that nomination was legitimately made The European Commission has voiced caution about a new nomination Romania has made for a a seat of European commissioner, pointing that the nomination had to be agreed by the Romanian president.
Romanian dismissed PM makes new nomination for European Commission despite presidential warning Romania's dismissed PM Viorica Dancila confirmed on Tuesday that she would make a new nomination for the European Commission, with a letter recommending Victor Negrescu to be sent today, Mediafax news agency reported. President Iohannis reacted by saying that Dancila had no legitimacy to nominate somebody for the EC as it fell to the next government to decide on the issue.
Romanian Liberals of designated PM Orban submit list of ministers, governing program. Who are the nominees for government Romania's Liberals (PNL) on Thursday made public the list of ministers and the program they plan to apply should the Parliament vote a new PNL government to replace the current Social Democratic one, dismissed in a censure motion. See the 12-point program and the team of ministers tabled by designated PM Ludovic Orban
Romanian newspaper Libertatea publishes "secret" shocking images of firefighters' intervention at Bucharest fire disaster, four years later - VIDEO Romanian newspaper Libertatea on Thursday morning published a 20 minute previously unknown of video of a firefighters' intervention at a fire disaster at a club in Bucharest four years ago. The newspaper says images prove how rescuers intervened in total disarray to save people from the fire, which killed dozens and wounded hundreds, leading to the fall of the government at the time.
​Romanian Labour ministry drafts boost to minimum salary Romania's Labour Ministry on Wednesday published a draft decision ragarding a rise of the minimum salary by a net RON100 starting January 1, 2020. The bill also says the gross minimum salary may rise to RON2,262 next year and to RON2,620 for higher education employees. Designated PM Ludovic Orban said, however, that such a decision couldn't be made by an outgoing government.
​EC: European Union may expand areas of Romanian pork trade ban The European Union may expand the areas in Romania where pork trade is banned at an expert committee session on Thursday, considering the increasingly alarming African swine fever situation, an European Commission spokesperson said on Monday.
Stag goes to town to die among people in North Romania The death of a stag who reportedly came to die among the people in the northern Romanian town of Campulung Moldovenesc caused sadness and rage among the local community, according to local newspaper Monitorul de Suceava. It reads that the animal had been wounded, possibly by poachers, and walked down the streets in an apparent call for help.
​Ex-Romanian strongman Liviu Dragnea accuses successor Viorica Dancila of EU funding fraud The former leader of Romania's governing Social Democrats (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, who has been the de facto ruler of the government for years until sent to jail earlier in 2019, claims in documents submitted to the EU Court of Justice that his successor, party leader and PM Viorica Dancila, was involved in fraud with European funds.
Ex-Romanian strongman Dragnea challenges prison sentence The former leader of the governing Social Democrats (PSD) and de facto ruler of Romania Liviu Dragnea, who received a 3.5-year prison sentence for influence peddling in May, is using an extraordinary means to challenge the final decision in his case.
Remains of Queen Mother Helen returned to Romania to be reinterred in Curtea de Arges The remains of Queen-Mother Helen, the mother of Romania's late King Michael, were taken to Romania on Friday to be reinterred in Curtea de Arges, by the side of the King, according to the schedule made public by the Royal House. The Queen Mother died in Lausanne on November 29, 1982, when Romania was still under communist dictatorship.
Dismissed manager of Romanian airlines claims political abuse when Government fell to censure motion The manager of Romanian airlines Tarom, who was dismissed earlier this week, has claimed that the Transport minister demanded her to block flights to Bucharest on the day of the censure motion that eventually led to the fall of the Social Democratic (PSD) government. The minister, who is still in office until a new government is sworn in, called the statements "lies".
Who is Ludovic Orban, the Liberal nominated to take over as Romania's prime minister Romanian President Klaus Iohannis picked the leader of the main opposition party, the Liberals (PNL) to take over as prime minister in the wake of the dismissal of the PSD government who has ruled the country for 3 years. Who is PNL leader Ludovic Orban and what has he done in politics for almost three decades?
Romanian President Iohannis nominates Liberal leader Orban for prime minister Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday nominated Ludovic Orban, the leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL), for prime minister. Orban is now expected to come up with a new government team, to replace the Social Democratic government of Viorica Dancila, which was dismissed in a censure motion last week.
The Social Democratic Government is due to leave. What is its legacy? As Romania Social Democratic government of Viorica Dancila leaves following a censure motion, what does it leave behind in the economy and society? While pensions and salaries saw a significant increase, other sectors are facing disaster. Here is where the key problems are.
Romanian opposition Liberals eye government as SocDems face internal struggle in wake of censure motion Romanian parties were trying to settle their political lines on Friday, a day after a censure motion led to the dismissal of the Social Democratic (PSD) government of Viorica Dancila. President Iohannis consulted most parties today and announced the apparent scenario, moving on, was a Liberal-focused government.
BREAKING Romania's Social Democratic Government dismissed in censure motion The Romanian Parliament passed a censure motion against the Social Democratic (PSD) government led by Viorica Dancila on Thursday. The motion passed with 238 votes in favor, several more than the minumum of 233 needed, meaning the government is dismissed.UPDATE 1 The leader of the main opposition party, the Liberals (PNL), Ludovic Orban said just after the vote that "the nightmare Romania has been living for three years is over". Asked if he would be available to take over as prime minister, Orban said that "should we be called to govern, the proposal would be the president of the PNL, which is me, Ludovic Orban".UPDATE 2 Viorica Dancila said shortly after the vote that she was leaving with all duties fulfilled and that the motion could pass because of the "betrayal" of some of her PSD colleagues. She said she would still run in the presidential elections next month.UPDATE 3 Romanian President Iohannis welcomed the vote in a statement on Thursday afternoon. This process is called the PSD becoming history". He said he would start consultations with political parties tomorrow, with the goal of an efficient government until the next general elections. He said he considered early elections the best solutionUPDATE 4 THe leader of the opposition USR party, Dan Barna, said his group opts for early elections and this is what they would call for in consultations with the head of state.
UPDATE Romania Social Democratic govt faces censure motion, close vote expected Romania's Social Democratic (PSD) government of PM Viorica Dancila faces the Parliament on Thursday in a censure motion vote that may see it leave power. While the opposition, which tabled the motion, has been saying it has the necessary votes to let Dancila go, the PSD has a different view.UPDATE MPs have started the debate on the censure motion, with a vote expected at noon. The leader of the opposition Liberals said there were "100% chances for the motion to pass"UPDATE 2 Speaking before the Parliament, PM Viorica Dancila accused the opposition of "carrying fight launched by the most irresponsible president Romania ever had" and of becoming "a gathering of interests and opportunism".UPDATE 3 Voting has ended. With PSD abstaining, some 244-245 votes were cast, more than the necessary number for the motion to pass. But it was not clear early if all were in favor of the motion
Former Romanian President Basescu chimes in on Giuliani-Biden-Romania issue Former Romanian President Traian Basescu has said that he did not know of any business of former US Vice President Joe Biden's family in Romania, despite that he was well informed when he used to serve as head of state. Basescu also said he did not see any inconvenience about Biden's son allegedly offering couinsel to businessman Puiu Popoviciu, who was sentenced for corruption in 2017.
​CHRONOLOGY How links between Giuliani and Hunter Biden with Romanian businessman sentenced for corruption evolved under media scrutiny ​When Donald Trump's lawyer Rudolph Giuliani promised new revelations on Biden-related deals in Romania last weekend, the media was lured to a piece by New York Times several months ago, which spoke of links between Joe Biden's son Hunter with Romanian businessman Puiu Popoviciu, who has been sentenced to corruption. Giuliani himself established a link to Popoviciu a year ago. Here is a chronology of events in the Giuliani-Biden-Popoviciu issue


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