​Romania President on possible move of Embassy to Jerusalem: Forcing such a decision would kick over half a century of serious diplomacy Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said on Monday that he talked to PM Viorica Dancila about alleged plans to move the Romanian Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He said he explained her "some issues" and that he believed she understood "a bit better" what are the problems to be taken into consideration in this regard. He made the comments days after the leader of governing Social Democrats (PSD) claimed in a TV show that a decision had been made to move the Embassy to Jerusalem.
Romanian government leader announced "decision was made" to move Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. New political conflict looms as President Iohannis blasts govt plans Alleged plans to move the Romanian Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem have sparked a new conflict between Romania's governing Social Democrats (PSD) and President Klaus Iohannis. Tensions rose after PSD leader Liviu Dragnea said in a TV show on Thursday night that a "decision has been made" to move the Embassy to Jerusalem and that the government adopted a memorandum in this regard, although no such document has been made public or announced at government level so far.  The President reacted harshly on Friday morning, blasting the idea of moving the embassy.
Romanian President on proposed changes to criminal law: Some are totally unacceptable Some of the proposals tabled by Romania's governing Social Democrats (PSD) in Parliament to change the criminal law of the country are totally unacceptable, President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday. He said it was inadmissible that some changes are aimed specifically at helping people at the helm of the Parliament and who face criminal inquiries, as news agency reports.
Romanian President Iohannis: The threat is the "hostile behaviour" coming from Russia / We encourage US military presence on Romanian territory ​One of the main existing security threat is Russia's "hostile behaviour", Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday, who avoided, though, to mention the Russian Federation directly so that he not be "too direct".
​Romania's governing PSD tables massive changes to criminal laws in Parliament, seen as undermining anti-graft legislation and in support of corrupt politicians The governing PSD submitted a series of changes to the Romanian criminal law and criminal procedure law for debate in Parliament this week, changes that, if adopted, may provide strong help to corrupt politicians facing criminal inquiries. The bill, submitted by a PSD deputy known for his legislative initiatives aimed at undermining the fight against graft, are expected to be debated in a special parliamentary commission starting May 2.
Romania govt party leader Dragnea announces massive demonstration in support of traditional family, dismisses rumors of a prime minister's departure Romania's governing party, the Social Democrats (PSD), will organise a massive demonstration in support of the traditional family, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea announced on Monday. He made the announcement as info about a planned PSD demonstration "of 1 million people" had circulated earlier today, in connection with speculation about an alleged intention of prime minister Viorica Dancila to resign.
Romania President Iohannis rejects call to dismiss top anti-graft prosecutor Kovesi ​Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Monday rejected a call by Justice minister Tudorel Toader to dimiss the head of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate, Laura Codruta Kovesi. He said the arguments presented by the Justice minister were not able to convince him of the necessity to dismiss Kovesi. Minister Toader replied by saying he would notify the Constitutional Court about the refusal.
Romania President Iohannis gives green light to criminal inquiry into ex-leaders in 1989 Revolution case ​Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Friday sent a request to the Justice minister for the launch of a criminal inquiry against former president Ion Iliescu, ex-PM Petre Roman and another former official, in the case of the 1989 Revolution. The Prosecutor General charges the three with crimes against humanity.
Annual inflation rate up to 5% in March, highest since June 2013 Romania's annual inflation rate rose to 5% in March 2018, up 0.3 percentage points from the previous months, reaching the highest level since June 2013.
Romanian MP targets management of intelligence services with several bills An MP for the governing Social Democrats (PSD) has submitted four bills eyeing the management of the intelligence services, as the PSD leadership has become more vocal about the intelligence community, prompting debates about apparent moves to subdue them politically.
GRECO Report: Council of Europe anti-graft body says its deeply worried about changes to Romanian justice laws, calls on Romania to abstain from other changes that may affect fight against corruption The Council of Europe group of states against corruption (GRECO) says in a report published Wednesday that it is deeply worried about the laws that the Romanian Parliament adopted recently, to change the legislation on the statute of magistrates, on the judiciary system and the Superior Council of Magistrates, as well as about bills to change penal law in the country.
A representative of a US-based company involved in a deal linking Romanian politics to Cambridge Analytica says he supported visit of current Romanian ForMin to Washington / Minister denies Charles Andreae from the Andreae&Associates company, contracted by SCL, the umbrella company of Cambridge Analytica, for a Romania-related project recently, says he was employed by SCL to contribute to the organisation of a visit by Romanian Foreign minister Teodor Melescanu to Washington, according to
​How a Chinese man considered "threat to national security" in Romania accessed strategic company Cupru Min Wang Yan, a Chinese businessman who had his Romanian citizenship withdrawn for national security reasons several years ago, managed to reach the headquarters of Romanian copper company Cupru Min, a strategic state-owned company, in November 2016, according to information obtained by A year later, he obtained Cupru Min's whole production for a Hong Kong-based company, as journalists at revealed earlier this week.
Romania key copper company Cupru Min has sold all production to Hong Kong co. represented by man eyed by intelligence service over ”national security threat” Romanian copper company Cupru Min, owner of 60% of the country's copper reserves, sold all its production to Hong Kong-based company Merlion Resources, which is represented by Wang Yan, a controversial businessman whose Romanian citizenship has been withdrawn several years ago, reports. The citizenship withdrawal had been requested by the Romanian Intelligence Service over ”threats to national security”.
Romanian anti-terror prosecutors investigate Romanian of Palestinian nationality for promoting terrorism and accessing documentation on how to launch terror attacks Romanian prosecutors dealing with terrorism and organised crime (DIICOT), notified by the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), are investigating a Romanian citizen of Palestinian nationality under suspicion of promoting propaganda specific to terror groups in the Middle East and training in using explosive materials, the DIICOT has announced.
​Businessman Alexander Adamescu, attempting to dodge extradition from Britain to Romania, arrested in London Romanian businessman, Alexander Adamescu, son of late businessman Dan Adamescu, was arrested in London on Monday night, almost a year after the Bucharest Tribunal issued a preventive arrest warrant on his name, Police sources have told Romanian news agency Mediafax. Newspaper Libertatea, quoting judiciary sources, says he was arrested after a London court found he used fake documents while facing a case in which he has been trying to dodge extradition to Romania.
Romania's governing party brings up two controversial topics: referendum on definition of family, talks on introduction of civil partnerships Representatives of the government and the governing parties brought up a hotly debated topic on public agenda on Monday: a planned referendum to redefine marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Also on Monday, the leader of the governing Social Democrats, Liviu Dragnea, announced interest in discussion of another polarising topic - the introduction of civil partnerships.
Bloomberg: Schweighofer sells forests owned in Romania to Swedish group GreenGold Austrian group Schweighofer is to sell the forests it controls in Romania to Swedish investor Greengold Asset Management AB/KB, according to Bloomberg. More precisely, it sells the Cascade Empire company and the "Ocolul Silvic Cascade Empire", which together hold 14,283 hectares of forests in northern Romania, according to a Schweighhofer statement on Monday.
Russian diplomat to Bucharest declared persona non grata in Romania The Romanian Foreign Ministry declared a diplomat of the Russian Embassy to Bucharest persona non grata in Romania, so he is forced to leave the Romanian territory. The announcement came as a wave of European countries, along with the US and Canada announced the expulsion of dozens of Russian diplomats in the wake of the Skripal case in Britain.
PM Dancila uses different wording in Romanian and English versions of letter to EC President Juncker: harsh approach in version for local media, mild one for official recipient Romanian prime minister Viorica Dancila sent a letter to EC President Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday, requiring "urgent clarifications" about alleged meddling by the Commission on high profile corruption cases in Romania. But in doing so, she also sent a Romanian-language copy to Romanian media, which bears significantly different, stronger wording than the English-language version, as noted by journalist Liviu Avram of newspaper Adevarul and by readers.


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