Romania's Education minister Andronescu sacked over "irresponible" statements in teenager's murder case Romanian PM Viorica Dancila on Friday dismissed Education minister Ecaterina Andronescu over "deeply flawed" statements the minister made on Thursday in relation to a teenager's murder case that has shaken Romania.
Romania government attempts to send message of action in face of massive criticism over murder case / PM Dancila "declares war on criminality" "I declare war on criminality", Romanian PM Viorica Dancila said on Wednesday as her government struggles with increased criticism over the incapacity of authorities to prevent - then solve a murder case in Caracal, south Romania, which has shaken the nation. But her war on criminality, coming from the leader of a party that has been largely blamed for rising criminality in the country, started with a plan to move the 112 emergency service from a special service to the Interior ministry. Both institutions have been blamed for massive failures in the murder case.
Romania's governmental agent to European Court of Human Rights Viorel Mocanu may resign A key representative of the Romanian government at the European Court of Human Rights, who, as has revealed, acted in support of a top official against whom he should have defended the Romanian state, may resign, Foreign Ministry sources have told
Romanian Interior minister Nicolae Moga resigns after 6 days in office in wake of murder case Romania's Interior minister Nicolae Moga announced his resignation on Tuesday, after only 6 days in office. His resignation comes less than an hour before a session of the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT), which he was due to attend, on the "Caracal case" in which a teenage girl was murdered as authorities failed to respond to her calls for help.UPDATE President Iohannis approved on Tuesday afternoon the naming of deputy PM Mihai Fifor as interim Interior minister in wake of Moga's departure.
Supreme Defence Council due to convene as new revelations emerge about Caracal murder case that shocked Romania ​Romania's Supreme Defence Council (CSAT), which reunites top defense and security officials, is due to convene on Tuesday to discuss reports on the crisis caused by the murder of a teenage girl in Caracal, South Romania, whom alerted authorities failed to prevent. The session comes as new information continues to emerge about the fate of the girl, shocking a nation as goverment authorities seek blame among opponents.
Romania's Constitutional Court says controversial changes to Criminal Code are unconstitutional A series of controversial changes brought by the governing coalition to the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Codes of Romania are unconstitutional, the Constitutional Court (CCR) ruled on Monday, according to court sources. The long-expected ruling comes after 7 delays and marks the second time the court says changing criminal law is not constitutional.UPDATE Shortly after the Court decision, President Klaus Iohannis urged the governing coalition to stop attempting to change the criminal laws and try to reverse the "toxic changes already made to the laws of justice, which proved to be attacks to the security of citizens".
​Head of Romania's special telecoms service resigns in wake of murder scandal The head of Romania's Special Telecommunications Service (STS), which is a military and security institution, resigned on Monday in the wake of a major scandal caused by the murder of a teenage girl last week. STS head Ionel Vasilca said however that he did not resign because of guilt, but in order to protect the prestige of the service.
As teenager's suspect rapist-murderer confesses, Romania's leaders clash Details about the grim fate of the teenage girl who was reportedly abducted, raped and murdered in Caracal, South Romania last week emerged on Sunday as the suspect murderer, a local, confessed about killing two girls. Meanwhile, as public outrage gives little signs of cooling down, Romania's President and prime minister clashed over the situation caused by authorities' lack of efficient response.
"THE CARACAL CASE" ​Murder of teenage girls shocks Romania as people accuse failed state The presumed murder of a teenage girl from the countryside east of Bucharest, who could not been saved despite her having called for help repeatedly, has shocked Romania for the past several days. The case, which comes after the disappearance of another girl in that part of the country, led to calls for government dismissal and accusations that measures by the governing party and other authorities have led to a failed state who can't defend its citizens.
US Air Force relocates MQ-9 remotely piloted aircraft from Poland to Romania The US Air Force has relocated MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted aircraft from the Polish airbase at Miroslawiec to Campia Turzii in Romania, it has been announced.
First GDPR-related fine in Romania applied to bank over payers' personal data / Bank says problems solved A bank was the first recipient of a fine in Romania for irregularities in applying the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The data protection authority in the country applied Unicredit Bank a fine amounting to EUR130,000 following an investigation that showed the bank revealed personal data of payers in transaction documents which were made available online to payment beneficiaries.UPDATE Contacted by, the bank said it was informed about the data protection authority decision and that the respective issues have been solved.
Romanian MPs aim to force working adults support their elderly parents through new bill Romanian working adults would be forced by law to support their elderly parents in case of financial difficulties, according to a new bill submitted by a group of several dozen MPs, mostly belonging to the governing Social Democratic Party (PSD). The bill, which introduces even a prison sentence for certain circumstances, claims "moral norms are no longer enough" to tackle the issue.
KEY STORIES TODAY Move to legalise cannabis in severe medical cases / Court blow to major corruption cases / Government moves to solve 5G issue Prominent politicians facing corruption charges prepare for their cases to restart from scratch in wake of a Constitutional Court decision. Also today - key governmental and Social Democratic Party leadership decisions. And a move to legalise cannabis for severe medical cases.
SNIPPETS Key Constitutional Court ruling announced / MPs vote on national bank, audiovisual council bosses Romania's High Court has issued a long expected ruling that might have saved ex-strongman Dragnea, had it come earlier. Also on Wednesday, MPs voted on the national bank governor and audiovisual council boss.
KEY STORIES TODAY Govt coalition MPs submit bill preventing people sentenced for corruption, other crimes from taking office / A first reaction to EU agreement / Focus on Moldova Parliamentarians for the governing coalition in Bucharest have submitted a bill long requested by the opposition which attempts to prevent corrupt people from taking office, among other measures. Also today, a Romanian MEP delivered a first reaction to EU agreement on leadership of European bodies, invoking prosecutor Kovesi.
Romania's way of managing relations with Moldova should lead to massive shake up of security and foreign policy system in Bucharest - expert Armand Gosu Romania isolated itself from Western partners by supporting oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc, who has controlled politics in the Republic of Moldova for years, says in an interview with debate and analysis platform Armand Gosu, an expert on politics in Russia and former USSR republics. The way institutions in Bucharest managed relations with Chisinau during these years should lead to a massive shakeup in the security and foreign policy system in Romania, he says.
SNIPPETS Dates set for Romania's presidential elections / Insights on ad market The dates have been set for the two rounds of presidential elections due to take place in Romania later this year. The central bank board has received preliminary approval by parliamentary commissions. And the head of a major media agency provides insights into Romania's ad market.
VIDEO Shocking images with little girl feeding bear from hand on Transfagarasan A little girl feeds a bear from her hand, while accompanied by a man who is probably her father, according to images filmed on Romania's famed mountain road Transfagarasan, which were posted on Facebook.
Moldova PM Maia Sandu visits Romania. President Iohannis: Romania supports Moldova on European path / Sandu: We need Romania's support ​Romanian President Klaus Iohannis welcomed Moldova prime minister Maia Sandu at the Presidential Palace on Tuesday morning, in her first official visit abroad since becoming head of the Government in Chisinau. Iohannis said on the occasion that he supported the European leaning of Moldova and a solution of the Transndiester conflict in compliance with the territorial integrity of Moldova. For her part, Maia Sandu said her country had a major need of Romania's support.
​KEY STORIES TODAY Budget deficit increases / Key investigation on August 2018 violence passed around The Finance ministry in Bucharest revealed a bigger deficit for first 5 months of the year than a year ago. A major investigation into violence during the August 10, 2018 anti-government protests has been passed from one investigative body to another. Changes are being done to how Romanians abroad are voting.


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