Romanian Government changes Offshore Law in favor of Black Sea investors Romania's Energy Ministry has submitted a draft legislation for public debate to change the Offshore Law, a controversial law issued last year with provisions imposed by the former leaders of the governing Social Democrats (PSD). That law has been received badly by oil and gas investors and reports have circulated that ExxonMobil would plan to drop an oil license at the Black Sea because of that. The Government wants to change the regulation.
Romanian Court finds former President, current MEP Traian Basescu a former Securitate collaborator Former Romanian President Traian Basescu, who this year was elected a member of the European Parliament, has collaborated with the Ceusescu-era secret police, the Securitate, the Bucharest Court of Appeal ruled on Friday. He said he would challenge the ruling.
Romanian candidate Kovesi after COREPER vote to take over as chief EU prosecutor: A signal for Romanian magistrates in face of assault on Justice Laura Codruta Kovesi, the Romanian prosecutor who on Thursday received the COREPER vote to take over as head of Europe's new public prosecutor's office, has spoken with about the vote. She said it should be a "signal for all magistrates in Romania to believe that they, with their professionalism, can outdo the [political] assault on the judiciary".
​Prosecutor who opened case of police violence against demonstrators speaks up: Romanian justice in state of "chaos before collapse" The Romanian justice system is in a state of "chaos before collapse" and it hasn't seen such a poignant dissolution of state authority since the early nineties, shortly after the 1989 revolution, a prominent prosecutor involved in a key case of police violence has commented in an interview with
UPDATE COREPER Council votes Romanian Kovesi for top EU prosecutor / Kovesi: It was a vote of recognition of Romanians' fight to defend rule of law Romanian candidate Laura Codruta Kovesi was voted for the positon of top EU prosecutor in the COREPER Council on Thursday. The Council convened to discuss support for Kovesi taking over the new European position, in a race where Kovesi faced two other candidates - a French and a German.UPDATE 1 Romanian news channel Digi 24 reported on Thursday that the Romanian representative, Luminita Odobescu, appeared to have voted in favor of Kovesi against the will of PM Viorica Dancila, who had said Odobescu would vote against a term for Kovesi as top European prosecutor.UPDATE 2 Kovesi's first reaction: She said that the vote was a recognition of the Romanian Justice system and of the Romanians' fight to defend the rule of law.UPDATE 3 President Klaus Iohannis called the vote an important victory for Romania. For her part, PM Dancila, who opposed Kovesi, told Radio Free Europe that should accusations made against Kovesi back home be proven, Romania's image would suffer.
Two scenarios for talks over top European prosecutor as Romania govt promises vote against Romanian candidate Kovesi / Govt issues with Justice get muddy back home The COREPER Council convenes on Thursday to discuss the first top European prosecutor, a position for which Romanian candidate Laura Codruta Kovesi is running. Despite that Kovesi, who has served as head of Romania's anti-graft prosecutor's office DNA, is seen as top contender, the Romanian Government through the voice of PM Viorica Dancila announced on Wednesday that it would not support Kovesi and the Romanian representative to COREPER would vote against her. The Goverment itself is facing an increasingly complicated situation back home when it comes to its moves on Justice affairs.
UPDATE Head of Romanian energy major Transelectrica suspected of having falsified his diploma in engineering The chief executive of major Romanian energy company Transelectrica appears to have falsified his diploma in engineering which he listed in his resume, Transelectrica sources have told Previously, education news website has reported that the executive, Marius Danut Carasol, has falsified his resume data.UPDATE Carasol is expected to be dismissed on Thursday. Transelectrica said in a press release it would act according to proof of studies that the manager was expected to submit on Wednesday.
Former heads of Romanian police academy sent to court in investigation journalist's case Two former top managers of the Police Academy in Bucharest have been sent tro court for instigation to blackmail in a case related to an investigative journalist who has been targeted by threats after revealing massive PhD fraud at the institution.
One man has been controlling everything "transplant" in Romania for 10 years - report The coordination of transplant activities in Romania has not been done by the National Transplant Agency, "as legal provisions say", since 2009, but by a national coordinator, a Health Ministry report says, as revealed. The report shows that a single man - Victor Zota - has coordinated transplant activities and had "exclusive" control over all information and activities on the route of organs from donors to receivers, the report shows.
Romanian Justice minister questioned about "roadmap" for strenghening rule of law, worked on with US Attorney General Efforts by parts of the Romanian judiciary to push through controversial changes to the judicial status quo have led to renewed confrontations, which included disputes over recent statements of an American official regarding the rule of law in Romania.
Romania Govt plans Eur10 million national IT system for adoptions The Romanian Government wants to approve on Tuesday the spending of RON45.9 million (close to EUR10 million) for the creation of a national IT system for adoptions. The system is planned to be implemented with European non-reimbursable funds and budget funding within 3 years.
Digi24 news channel: Sources say Romanian PM expected to meet US vice president Mike Pence later this month Romanian PM Viorica Dancila is expected to meet US Vice President Mike Pence during a trip to the US later this month, according to governmental sources quoted by, the website associated with Digi24 news channel. It has previously reported that Dancila would attend a meeting with business people organised by the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce while in New York, where her visit would overlap with one paid by President Iohannis for the UN General Assembly.
Low record of postal voting registration among Romanians abroad Some 40,000 Romanians living abroad have registered for postal voting in a procedure that concluded on Sunday, according to official data. Even fewer registered as voters at sections abroad. The numbers are way below the levels expected by authorities and politicians, given how massive voting abroad affected a series of national polls in recent years.
​Romania's Finance minister wants prison for those who fail to pay dues to state Romanian Finance minister Teodorovici has submitted a bill to the Senate calling for prison terms of 1-6 years for people who fail to pay their contributions to the state budget in due time, news agency Mediafax reports.
Hospital manager: Dozens of undiscerning patients used as lab rats for drugs testing study Dozens of chronic, undiscerning patients at a ward of the Psychiatric Hospital in the Central Romanian city of Brasov are said to have been used in a study aimed at testing various drugs, according to the manager of the hospital.
Three children, angered by toy, destroy school in South Romania A primary school in a Southern Romanian town has been destroyed as three children broke everything that got in their path for three hours earlier this week, according to reports emerging on Friday. It appears that the three became enraged after one of them turned angry because of a music toy which, while thrown away, continued playing its tune.
Romanian President once again rejects government reshuffle, sends PM Dancila to Parliament President Klaus Iohannis rejected a request by PM Viorica Dancila to accept a government reshuffle for the third time on Thursday, sending the prime minister to Parliament to receive support and validation for her team. He said today that the government reshuffle pushed for by Dancila "was not welcome, improper and one that I clearly reject".
Romanian Ombudsman challenges ordinance forcing ID presentation for buying prepaid cards The Romanian Ombudsman has notified the Constitutional Court over a recent emergency ordinance of the government which changed the legislation emergency calls and electronic communications, the institution announced on Thursday. The executive order forced all buyers of prepaid phone cards to present their IDs upon acquisition.
Romanian citizen apparently linked to drug trafficking, accompanied by a model, assassinated in Costa Rica A Romanian mand and a Costa Rican female model were assasinated in Costa Rica on Tuesday, according to media in the Central American country.
Romanian Ambassador to Washington George Maior in National Anti-corruption Department (DNA) hearings The Romanian Ambassador to Washington was undergoing hearings at the National Anti-Corruption Department (DNA) on Tuesday. The hearing of Ambassador George Maior, a former head of the intelligence service SRI, is said to be linked to a visit paid by a former Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Liviu Dragnea to the US in 2017.


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