"Republic of Moldova's Parliament will not promote the union with Romania". This is a title making many headlines in the Russian press, quoting an interview that Moldova's parliament speaker Mihai Ghimpu gave to Russian Radio Echo Moscvi reporters, and published by Unimedia.

"Like any other person, I have an opinion. But I did not declare that I will promote a policy in this direction. If I'm saying that i speak Romanian, it does not mean that I'm in favour of Moldova’s union with Romania. Yes, I'm a unionist. But I'm also the president of a party, which has a political agenda and I'm bound to respect it", Mihai Ghimpu declared for Echo Moscvi.

"Today we will approach the situation from a different angle. Our political programme entails two main aspects: eradicating poverty and joining the European Union. But joining the EU assumes that the Republic of Moldova's state quality is preserved", Ghimpu added.

By the end of this month, Moldova could have another government, the Moldavian Parliament's speaker in Chisinau declared for RFI. Mihai Ghimpu seems to be optimist regarding securing enough votes to elect the country's President.