Romania has a stable population of 19.042 million people forming 7.1 million households, preliminary results of a census which took place in autumn 2011 show. According to National Statistics Institute data presented on Thursday, there are some 8.5 million homes and 5.1 million buildings in Romania.

The last time Romania reported a population of about 19 million people was 1966.

A previous census, which took place in 2002, reported a population of 21.68 million people in Romania.

According to the census, of the whole stable population of Romania, 10,058 thousand people had residence in towns and cities (52.8%), while 8,989 thousands lived in the country side. 22 counties reported less than 400,000 inhabitants, amounting to 35.6% of the population; 17 counties had a population of 400-700 thousands (47.9%) and only two counties had more than 700,000 inhabitants.

Bucharest has a reported population of 1,678 thousand people.

88.6% of the registered population declared themselves ethnic Romanians, 6.5% - Hungarian, and 619,000 (3.2%) declared themselves of ethnic Rroma people.

The census did not include Romanian or foreign citizens or people without citizenship established in Romania but who have left abroad for a period of at least 12 months, nor people who stay in Romania temporarily.