8 Greenpeace activists finished drawing a 59-meters wide crop circle on Thursday, sending their message against the genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The circle was made in an ecologic corn field in Salonta (West Romania, Bihor county), organizers claiming that the Government has a last chance to save the agriculture, the environment and the populace health from the risks related to the MG MON810 corn produced by the American company Monsanto.

Introducing GMOs in a complex environment represents a dangerous global experiment, Greenpeace activists say. The crops are a threat mainly because the plants can cross genes with ordinary plants and spread into new environments.

"The Government refuses to disclose the places where MON810 is cultivated, impeaching the right to information of all citizens. Thousands of hectares will be planted this year and we have no possibility to protect our crops from contamination", said Dan Craioveanu, member of the GRINDA group for preserving rural vales.