Polish investigation on the Smolensk tragedy: Russian air traffic controllers mislead the pilots of the Presidential plane  Russian air traffic controllers from the Smolensk airport, where the plane of the Polish President Lech Kaczynski crashed, mislead the Polish pilots with the position of the airplane, the Polish committee investigating the crush announced on Thursday, AFP reads.
Republic of Moldova: Vlad Filat II government installed  The Chisinau parliament approved on Friday the government and the governing program presented by Vlad Filat. Therefore, the Filat II government received the vote of trust of the parliament. 59 deputies, members of the Alliance for European Integration voted for the government. Communists did not attend the vote, reads.
Romania, part of the European semester  Starting this year, Romania will join the European Semester, which means that the 2012 budget will be first presented to the EU Finance ministers before it will be sent to the Parliament for approval. The European Semester was launched yesterday, as EU President Jose Manuel Barroso presented the Annual Growth Survey. The European Semester is a common coordination instrument of the economic and fiscal policies of EU member states through which the EU monitors budgetary disciplines, macro-economic stability and growth policies.
Romanian drug dealer, arrested in Venezuela A Romanian drug dealer was arrested in Venezuela. The announcement was made by the Interior minister of the country, quoted by France Presse.
Bodo Hombach: Mass media in Romania, mostly controlled by oligarchs  Bodo Hombach, chief of WAZ media group announces at Deutsclandradio Kultur a new withdrawal from South Eastern Europe and talks about the press in Romania, following the group’s decision this summer to sell its shares at the Romanian daily Romania libera. Mass media in Romania is mostly in the hand of some oligarchs, more precisely in the hand of several businessmen who won their money in other sectors, Bodo Hombach said, quoted by RFI radio.
French press: 500 Romanians work on the construction site of the EPR super reactor / Accommodated in shacks, they work 10-15 hours/day for 250 euro/month  Several kilometres away from the construction site of the European Pressurized Reactor in Flamanville, France, 500 foreign workers, mostly Romanians are accommodated in 250 shacks from another era, France Soir reads. The French newspaper describes the primitive conditions in which the workers are accommodated in a project that is the biggest in Europe. In an article, French unions declare that Romanians work 10 to 15 hours/day.
Smolensk tragedy: Lech Kaczynski’s pilots wanted to land despite Russian warnings, final report says Polish officials present in the plane of former President Lech Kaczynski pressured the pilots to land, despite Russian warnings and unfavorable meteorological conditions, and alcohol traces were found in the blood of the army chief present on board, the final report on the tragedy reads, quoted by AFP.
Daily Mail: Fears related to a wave of immigrants to Great Britain after the Romanian President declared he cannot guarantee border security  British daily Daily Mail reopens the theme related to fears of a wave of Romanian immigrants to Great Britain as Bucharest announced its plans to freeze 271 million euro spending to secure borders, as a protest against France and Germany’s decision to block Romania and Bulgaria’s adhesion to Schengen.
Bulgarian Foreign Affairs minister: Bulgaria will be ready to join Schengen in March 2011. I hope Romania will make efforts to be prepared Both Romania an Bulgaria need to continue their efforts to be prepared to join Schengen in March 2011 but Bulgaria will surely comply to all requirements and will be ready to join in March 2011, Bulgarian Foreign Affairs minister Nikolay Mladenov declared in an interview for Standart News. He also expressed his hope that Romania will make the same efforts to be ready to join Schengen in March.
Romanians third in world pessimists top lead by the French  Romanians are third in world pessimists top after the French and the Icelandic, according to a survey related to the 2011 economic perspectives ordered by the French daily Le Parisien and conducted by BVA Gallup in 53 countries.

Romanians prostituted by force in Spain, currency for cars 

The Spanish civil guard discovered a network of felons that brought to Spain Romanian women, looking for a job, whom they obliged to prostitute in Alicante region, Romanian daily Romanul din Spania reads.
Romanian singer Inna winner of the Eurodanceweb Award  Famous Romanian singer Inna won the tenth edition of the Eurodanceweb 2010 considered the best position ever won by a Romanian in the history of the competition, organizers inform. Even though she was on the third position in the online poll, the song of the artist, Sun Is Up won the trophy, as the jury decided.
Hungary takes over EU presidency 
Hungary took over on Saturday the presidency of the EU and the event was marked by Hungarian PM Viktor Orban's declarations, that this is good news for Europe, AFP informs. Hungary was recently criticized for the promulgation of a law that raises the issue of press freedom in the country.
Spain adopted one of the toughest anti-smoking laws 
A new anti-smoking law was passed on Sunday in Spain, considered one of the toughest ever applied laws in this sector in Europe, Novinite informs. The new law bans smoking in all bars and restaurants, hospital courtyards and schools. 
A Romanian threw her newly born baby in the snow in Berlin 
A 20 year old Romanian in Berlin - Charlottenburg threw her newly born baby, born on Christmas day out of the window, in the snow. The baby did not die due to the fall, but later at the hospital. Doctors declared that the cold to which the baby was exposed caused his death, reads. Adriana B., the mother who threw her child works as a prostitute in the area. Police released an arrest warrant on her name. 
Bulgaria defies France and Germany and plans to join Schengen in March 2011 
Bulgaria declares clearly its purpose to join Schengen in March 2011 even though France and Germany decided to block the access of the two countries. Bulgarian Interior minister Tvetan Tvetanov declared that what today's newspapers read do not change Bulgaria's preparations for Schengen, Novinite reads. 
Ireland lost to Romania 200  highly qualified IT jobs
Ireland lost 200 highly qualified IT jobs to Romania due to the deficit of well prepared graduates in the IT sector, Irish Independent reads in its online edition. Intel Ireland was on the short list to obtain a project but was advanced by Romania that put forward a better offer. 
Serbian press: Jelena Jankovic will be trained by Romanian Andrei Pavel 
���Tennis player Jelena Jankovic will be trained by former Romanian tennis player Andrei Pavel, Serbian press reads. Number 8 WTA, Jankovic reached an agreement with Romanian Andrei Pavel, after an awful season. The best Romanian tennis player in the last 20 years will train Jankovic newspapers read. 
UPDATE Bulgaria's Ambassador to Romania collaborated with the Communist Secret Services in Bulgaria / Bulgarian PM Boiko Borisov calls for the resignation of 45 diplomats 
Almost half of Bulgaria's Ambassadors and consuls were informants of the Communist secret services, including current Ambassadors to Romania, Turkey and Greece, reads quoting the institution in charge with studying the archives of the former intelligence structure. UPDATE Bulgarian PM Boiko Borisov calls for the resignation of 45 diplomats that collaborated with the secret Communist services. Borisov declared that it is not normal for a democratic country to be represented by those who were against democratic principles at their time. 
Stockholm attacks: Taymour Abdel Wahab, the presumed kamikaze, Al Qaeda member 
The presumed author of the Stockholm attacks declared, in his will, that he actioned at the indications of the Islamic state of Iraq, the Iraqi wing of Al Qaeda, the American surveillance center of islamic sites center, SITE, informs quoted by French daily Le Monde. 


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