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Wednesday, August 17th 2022
10:13 • ENGLISH

Deloitte study: parents concerned about the increasing prices for back-to-school products. More than a third expect higher spending this year

Wednesday, August 10th 2022
13:29 • webPR

Deloitte study: Romania remains among the European states with the cheapest housing. Our country is one of the few where the most expensive city is not the capital

Thursday, August 4th 2022
11:18 • webPR

Deloitte study: watching TV and movies at home remains the favourite entertainment activity for consumers across generations, except Gen Zs, which have shifted to gaming

Tuesday, August 2nd 2022
11:58 • Press release

Deloitte study: stronger pessimism regarding economic conditions than at the beginning of the pandemic among Central European private equity firms

Monday, August 1st 2022
12:23 • ENGLISH

webPR: New round of promotions at Schoenherr și Asociații SCA

Friday, July 15th 2022
12:26 • webPR

Deloitte Romania assisted African Industries Group in the acquisition of the fitness network World Class Romania, a transaction that has just been closed

Monday, June 27th 2022
11:50 • webPR

Deloitte study: most working women feel an increasing level of stress, many are facing burnout and plan to resign

Thursday, June 23rd 2022
12:21 • webPR

Deloitte study: Romanian Millennials and Gen Zs expect economic situation and sociopolitical context to worsen this year. Cost of living is their top concern

Monday, May 23rd 2022
10:16 • ENGLISH

Deloitte study: half of Romanians want to buy electric cars to reduce the fuel cost and to protect the environment. Charging infrastructure remains their main concern

09:29 • Article powered by Keysight Technologies

15 years of collaboration between Keysight Technologies Romania and the Polytechnic University in Bucharest – an investment in people

Tuesday, May 17th 2022
10:12 • ENGLISH

Whistleblowing: the EU directive transposition and its challenge on misconduct

Monday, May 16th 2022
10:31 • WebPR

Deloitte Romania and Reff & Associates assisted ROCA Industry in the takeover of Dial, specialized in the manufacture of wire products

Friday, May 13th 2022
11:42 • ENGLISH

Deloitte Romania assisted Romgaz in the takeover of the shares held by Exxon in the Neptun Deep gas project

Wednesday, May 11th 2022
12:29 • WebPR

The Deloitte Foundation and World Vision open a center for educational activities for Ukrainian children and counseling for their mothers, located in Tei Student Sports and Cultural Complex in Bucharest

Tuesday, May 10th 2022
11:25 • webPR

Reff & Associates and Deloitte Romania assisted the real estate developer Studium Green in the acquisition of a portfolio of 100 real estate assets from Immobiliare Italo Romena

Tuesday, May 3rd 2022
11:46 • WebPR

Deloitte Romania and Reff & Associates assisted Knauf Insulation, the insulating materials manufacturer, in the takeover of the Gecsat glass mineral wool factory in Romania

Wednesday, April 27th 2022
11:53 • ENGLISH

Deloitte study: more than half of the local companies have plans to reduce carbon emissions, which will be funded mainly from internal sources and EU funds

Tuesday, April 19th 2022
11:55 • webPR

Deloitte study: nine out of ten companies in Romania will invest in trainings for their financial departments, as they implement and use new technologies

Friday, April 15th 2022
11:03 • webPR

Deloitte Romania assisted Romgaz in obtaining the 325 million euros loan from Raiffeisen Bank for partially financing the takeover of Exxon shares in the Black Sea gas project

Friday, April 8th 2022
12:12 • webPR

Deloitte Romania and Reff & Associates obtained a favorable decision for the taxpayer at the CJEU in a dispute with the Romanian fiscal authority. The extended practice of the national tax authority to deem the existence of a fixed establishment, invalidated by the European court

Friday, April 1st 2022
10:39 • webPR

Deloitte Romania and Reff & Associates obtained a final favorable solution at the High Court of Cassation and Justice to cancel EUR5.5 million tax decisions issued for a company from a group operating in energy

Thursday, March 24th 2022
13:47 • ENGLISH

The temporary protection mechanism, implemented in Romania. How does it apply?

Monday, March 21st 2022
11:32 • webPR

Deloitte report: women to occupy less than a third of leadership roles in the financial services companies by 2030

Thursday, March 17th 2022
12:03 • webRelease

Deloitte study: Romanian companies are concerned about rising costs, in the context of inflationary pressures, and were already perceiving greater geopolitical risk at the end of last year

Thursday, March 10th 2022
12:39 • War in Ukraine

Ukrainian citizens benefit of free access to the Romanian labour market

Friday, March 4th 2022
15:37 • ENGLISH

Temporary protection mechanism activated for Ukrainian nationals

Wednesday, March 2nd 2022
12:28 • ENGLISH

Residence conditions and work opportunities for Ukrainians in Romania

Friday, February 25th 2022
12:27 • ENGLISH

webRelease: Deloitte ranked the most valuable and strongest commercial services brand in the world for the fourth consecutive year by Brand Finance

Tuesday, February 8th 2022
11:58 • webPR

Deloitte study: consumer products companies aim to increase revenues in 2022. Inflation, supply chain struggles and labor shortages, the main challenges

Friday, February 4th 2022
18:40 • ENGLISH

The King of Networking

Monday, January 31st 2022
11:36 • webPR

Deloitte study: global business leaders see the world at a tipping point for responding to climate change, which has already negatively impacted their companies

Friday, January 28th 2022
11:04 • webPR

Deloitte study: increased sales of health wearables, used including to monitor COVID-19 symptoms, and of gaming consoles; semiconductor shortage will continue in 2022

Wednesday, January 19th 2022
12:33 • webPR

Deloitte study: commercial real estate companies estimate revenue growth this year, and 73% expect transactions activity to intensify

Monday, January 10th 2022
12:53 • webPR

Deloitte analysis: record number of M&A deals in 2021, estimations for unprecedentedly intense activity in the coming years

Monday, December 20th 2021
11:45 • webPR

Deloitte study: holiday spending resumes growth in 2021, but 68% of consumers expect price increases this season

Thursday, December 2nd 2021
13:12 • webPR

Deloitte study: Multinationals expect higher taxation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and 90% estimate more tax disputes

Monday, November 22nd 2021
15:48 • Deloitte Study

Social Progress Index analyzing the quality of life and social wellbeing: Romania climbs one position on the 44th place in the global ranking, but remains the last among EU countries

Monday, November 15th 2021
12:12 • ENGLISH

Deloitte-Fortune survey: labor shortage is a bigger concern than the pandemic for companies over the next year

Thursday, November 11th 2021
12:02 • WebRelease

Deloitte analysis: use of electricity to reduce greenhouse gases emissions in industry, buildings and transport can help achieve net zero ambitions

Friday, November 5th 2021
12:40 • ENGLISH

To BePM or not to BePM?

Tuesday, November 2nd 2021
12:31 • ENGLISH

Romania is drastically taxing the sale of non-performing loans. What do other countries do?

Tuesday, October 5th 2021
12:31 • ENGLISH

Deloitte Romania and Reff & Associates assisted Chimcomplex in obtaining the EUR 90 million funding for refinancing existing loans and for investment

Monday, September 13th 2021
10:58 • ENGLISH

Deloitte, recognized as the CEE Tax Firm of the Year by the International Tax Review in 2021

Tuesday, September 7th 2021
10:25 • ENGLISH

Reff & Associates | Deloitte Legal launches SecuRE, a digital tool that helps real estate owners and tenants manage regulatory requirements

Wednesday, September 1st 2021
11:07 • ENGLISH

Deloitte study: education, corruption and climate change are the top three issues of greatest concern for Romanian Millennials and Gen Zs

Tuesday, August 31st 2021
10:17 • ENGLISH

Deloitte study: health care CFOs, concerned about financial uncertainty. Technology investments, top priority for 68% of them

Thursday, August 26th 2021
11:32 • ENGLISH

Deloitte assisted the asset management firm The Rohatyn Group in the sale of the pet care platform Pet Network to the private equity firm A&M Capital Europe

Wednesday, August 25th 2021
12:14 • ENGLISH

Deloitte study: back-to-school spending is increasing. Digital learning tools are replacing traditional school supplies

Tuesday, August 24th 2021
11:52 • ENGLISH

Deloitte Romania strengthens management team by promoting four employees to directors in the risk advisory, tax, financial advisory and audit and assurance practices

Wednesday, August 11th 2021
12:29 • ENGLISH

Deloitte study: cost is the most important factor in consumers’ decision to subscribe to a video streaming service; the pandemic has amplified the appetite for video games across generations