Schoenherr și Asociații SCA invites second- and third-year law students in all Romanian universities to enter the "law, sweet law" essay contest. Now in its third edition, the contest offers six prizes, each worth lei 3,000. The deadline for submitting essays is 15 December 2023 and winners will be announced in February 2024. All participants in the essay contest are eligible for the law firm's paid summer internship programme of 2024.

Ana LupsorFoto: Schoenherr si Asociatii

"We are very fond of our essay contest 'law, sweet law' – our lawyers take an active role in organising it and we are all impressed by the students' creativity and enthusiasm. Though this is only the third edition, we have already seen excellent results, as the contest has attracted outstanding students who joined our internship programme. Two of the participants in previous editions have just joined us as trainee lawyers this autumn, so 'law sweet law' has also become a steppingstone for their career with Schoenherr." – said Ana Lupșor, HR manager at Schoenherr și Asociații SCA.

To enter the contest, law students are invited to write an essay on any of the following six topics:

  • "Crowdfunding vs. initial public offering (IPO). Similarities and differences"* | banking, finance & capital markets;
  • "Exchange of sensitive information between competitors – recent practice of competition authorities at European level" | competition, EU & foreign trade;
  • "Structuring the offer to meet the needs of both parties in M&A transactions" | corporate/M&A
  • "Specific safety measures when entering into an M&A deal" | corporate/M&A
  • "Ancillary minor offence sanctions, as an administrative and civil measure – scope, statue of limitation, validity of the sanctioning act (absolute vs. relative nullity)"* | dispute resolution;
  • "The possibility to build (e.g., additional floors, photovoltaic panels) on an existing construction owned by a third party"* | real estate.

*additional requirements apply to these topics, as further detailed in the contest regulation.

Details of participation conditions, general and specific essay writing requirements and how to apply are available in the contest regulation at the following link:

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