State-of-the-art technologies and continuous innovation are today the main pillars of the transition of all industries globally to digitalization. Among these industries is also the physical security one, which, according to a report by market research company Grand View Research, is expected to reach a value of more than $203 billion by 2030 globally.

Hyperfy® is transforming the physical security industry in RomaniaFoto: Hyperfy®

The physical security industry is gaining more and more ground on the Romanian market as well. Hyperfy, Romanian software platform developer, is transforming the local industry through technology. And the latest example is MotionMask, an AI-based video blurring web platform that addresses the diverse needs of companies in terms of GDPR compliance.

As the market leader in physical security solutions for the banking sector, Hyperfy goes beyond the boundaries of classic solutions based on human security, aiming to bring added value by optimizing physical security services with the help of technology.

Together with Abris Capital Partners (“Abrisleading ESG transformation specialist private equity fund manager, Hyperf undertakes the objective of developing and revolutionizing the local physical security market, the MotionMask solution being a result of the constant efforts that the company makes to meet the needs of client, both private actors and individuals.

MotionMask offers selective or total video anonymization and integrates state-of-the-art technology – the artificial intelligence algorithms, based on Deep Vision technology, being the technological pillars behind the solution. Through the online platform, users have the opportunity to anonymize specific elements from video materials, namely people and cars, thus being an easy tool that ensures the easy fulfillment of the requirements related to GDPR regulation compliance.

Developed entirely locally with business experts, developers and data scientists, the MotionMask solution is yet another confirmation of the role that state-of-the-art technology, such as artificial intelligence, has in identifying opportunities to transform today's organizational environment.

"The accelerated growth of the global physical security market means a simultaneously increase in the amount of information and data, which will become more and more difficult to manage, especially from the perspective of personal data protection. MotionMask was developed in the last year because we wanted and we still want to offer our customers the most diversified and complete solutions and meet their needs. Through the efforts we make every day, we want to contribute to the consolidation of the physical security industry through technological innovation, carried out at the local level", said Lucian Mățăoanu, CEO of Hyperfy.

What are the main benefits of the MotionMask® platform

MotionMask is a flexible and efficient tool that offers users the opportunity to enjoy the benefits and advantages of video surveillance systems without sacrificing data protection aspects. Through the web platform, those interested have the possibility to achieve high-precision, automated anonymization of vehicles and people in video materials, depending on their needs.

Also, in addition to complying with the data protection regulation, MotionMask facilitates video editing, when blurring of sensitive content is needed, without the need for local installation by the user. The platform provides easy ways of integration, based on API, for other applications that can benefit from the native blurring functionalities.

How it works and what is the technology behind the latest physical security solution on the Romanian market

MotionMask platform can be successfully used by anyone, following a couple of simple, intuitive steps, with a minimum processing time:

1. Video Upload

2. Choosing the Masking Mode (Full/Selective Masking of people and/or cars)

3. Identification and selection of identified actors in the video

4. Request processing

5. Video preview and download

The platform relies on advanced video analytics based on state-of-the-art Deep Vision neural models. Aside from the Artificial Intelligence aspects, the platform brings to users a new approach to minimize the processing time using smart and efficient job distribution within a blockchain-based heterogeneous decentralized worker network. The technology behind the product developed by Hyperfy® ensures the achievemnt of objectives such as:

  • Assure the highest quality standard of multi-object detection for multiple types of video stream anonymization;
  • Allow various settings such as fast processing vs highly thorough analysis balancing user requirements in terms of quality, time, and budget;
  • The distribution of video file processing tasks between several independent systems, part of an ecosystem where the relationship between components ensures the significant reduction of execution times, maintaining the quality of the final result;
  • Integrity and protection of data stored or in transit through blockchain technology.

Those interested can create an account on and test the product for free with the Intro subscription, for videos up to 1 minute length. The platform offers subscriptions according to users' needs, so they can upgrade to the higher option: the Craft plan (for videos lasting up to 20 minutes, with a maximum resolution of 1080p), the Power plan (videos up to 60 minutes, with a maximum resolution of 4K) and Enterprise one (dedicated to large companies with a large volume of videos that require blurring).