​​Born in 2003, as a family company based on Turkey, with a strong heritage of leading business and cultural values, ARRO is now one of the most powerful vector of growing business in many countries around Balkans.

​ARRO, the arrow of a leading business from Turkey grows in RomaniaFoto: ARRO

After Turkey, Romania is an important market, because of the solide investments of the Group, but not only. The soil, the peoples, the organisation values are very well valued in Dobrogea.

ARRO, which owns approximately 3.000 hectares of agricultural land in Saraiu, Constanta, closely follows and implements the developments in the sector. In this context, the management and the peoples around continue to work to implement new agricultural technologies in the region. In addition, which gives importance to the environment, continues to work with universities on the evaluation and optimal use of agricultural wastes. Saraiu is the land bathed in the sun for most of the year. The perfect match between sunrays, rain and wind make from this soil one of the best agricultural site available in the south of the country. The area is well-known about the power of turbine engines, wjo deliver a windy energy, 44 percent from the total on Romania’s green energy. This aspect is very important right now, in the context not far away from our borders.

ARRO growth and growth, year after year, in terms of key-numbers, revenue. There are key- facts of incresing the power and the awarness of the business group. The income of the last year was 2,4 Milion EUR, despite the international atmosphere, pandemic and the luck of a working peoples. The most important, the trend is incresing, for this year the revenue will overcome 3 Milion EUR.

During the last 10 years revenues have jumped from micro numbers (approximate EUR 500 thousand to current numbers). Due to this fact ARRO started to be a high-level regional player. The group has its own machinery (tractors flagship manufactured, agriculture combines) and currently 20 employees are working with ARRO and in regards to its plans of new businesses setting up, ARRO will start to hire people very good qualified and middle management and also to invest money for its business development as well as to pay more taxes to the Romanian economy.

The company has plans to maximize lands under control and management, also has plans to set up a fertilizer trading and waste oil recycling activities and regarding these plans working closely with several advisors.

Regarding procedural and legal aspect, the strictly follow Romanian regulationsm ARRO is following global, EU and local standards regarding risk management and Vernon David & Associates is providing to ARRO certain level legal advisory.

As it is known, climate is one of the most important factors for agriculture. For this reason, we have started serious studies on the Romanian climate and especially on climate extremes. By examining the effects of global weather movements on the Romanian climate in last decade, we will make climate predictions more clearly.

The constant concern to interwine agriculture with technology make from ARRO the arrow of agriculture in Romania in the years to come.

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